Check out the video below of one of the beautiful waves in Satellite Beach:


granted, the video wasn’t from today, but it was a fantastic waist to rib high day with really long lefts, oh it was fun!  Wished I could have surfed more than an hour :)

We have huge 6-11 foot waves come for the next week, and maybe , just maybe we will have a day of glass …

The 120 buoy has had some 6 foot readings in the 11 second period range as of 5:00 PM today and around 8 PM, with some 9 second readings mixed in.  So this is part two of the swell we have had,along with a new swell rolling in.

It should be offshore , turning NW in the 4-8 mph range Sunday morning.  High tide around 4:08 am, so by 7:30 it should start having some juice to it, provided no morning sickness is upon us.  I think it will be waist to rib high and fairly glassy down south.  The size up North should be more like the waist high range.

A few photos below of Hurricane Ida and Oldwaverider, shot by my buddy Mike Melito, the big day, but in my old age, some days, I don’t want to battle the 8-12 foot face days paddle out, and in this case, I headed back North to Canaveral, skipping my favorite Satellite Beach Breaks.  So i went soft a few days, :)

A Railgrabber backside left, getting ready to lip up


A Railgrabber backside left, getting ready to lip up


Perfect line right


One of the thick lip cleanup sets, that kept us inside a while :) There were some 6-9 foot faces, even up North for us at the Cape with Hurricane Ida

Friday morning update.  First, we did have sneak offshore winds in Satellite Beach from like 8 to 10 am yesterday, with 1 to 2 foot over head waves, so whoever was there probably caught some great fun.  But it was not offshore at daybreak.

Today, Friday morning, 5:21 AM as I share this, we should have 8-10 mph N winds that may still have a NNW spin at daybreak, so only in CCB are the winds slightly offshore.  NNW to N winds are sideshore to onshore in South CCB and Satellite Beach.  But it should be rib to I hope chest high at the Pier.  Sunday morning, the 9-11 second period part of the swell roles in with offshore winds, so early Sunday morning should be waist high plus at pier, and chest high in Satellite Beach!

We will wait to update tomorrow.  The last swell update from the models, shows Friday back into slight onshores in the AM.  We’ll just keep watching it, as Wednesday night or Thursday morning should give us a clear picture :)  (updated around 4:36 PM Tuesday)

I will update later today, but Thursday was looking like the offshore day, and now the swell has varied, to show Friday morning, instead of Thursday afternoon, to be the offshore and epic day!

As it stands, Friday looks to be another nice size windswell in the chest to shoulder high range, and fortunately, the tide works for us with this swell, unlike “Kate” last week :)

More late, plus some shameless self photos from “Ida” :)


Tuesday , Tropical Storm Kate took a few hours after daybreak to get nice and perhaps awesome.  For those who were patient, here’s a surfing video I shot of friends and others:


Lots of Waves coming!  Big chop, but the ground swell in a week will provide some glass :)

Oldwaverider (Art)

TS Kate swell update at 9:09 PM Monday nights Tuesday AM swell report.  The winds near shore just did the big drop from 15 mph SSE to 8 mph SSE,  which is huge, at letting us know that 4-6 mph West winds will be at daybreak.  Once the swell another 10 hours, it should be around 100 miles North of us, and the winds coming around to West by sometime after Midnight or 1 AM.

Tropical Storm Kate update for Tuesday morning swell at 3 PM.  Kate has the perfect position for us, showing about 50-100 miles North of us for the Tuesday morning swell, and 300 plus miles due East.  As you know, when a hurricane or tropical storm is passing by parallel to our coast, the winds turn offshore for us when it has passed us by around 100 miles + or – North of us.

Tropical-Storm-Kate-at-1pm-11-09-15-Wunderground-tracking-for-Tuesday-swell-compliments of

So this is why the winds should be blowing offshore all day, unlike Florida’s normal teaser wind charts :)  Here’s the storm as of 1 PM reading at Weatherunderground for the 11/09/2015 reading.  And don’t forget, we have 4 animated weather radar and hurricane tracking charts on Johnson Avenue Surfers.  Once the storm gets within a few hundred miles of us; the page on our site is a drop down menu link under the “Radar-wind-surfbreaks” called “Hurricane Tracking …” and that link to our 4 storm tracking charts on Johnson Avenue Surfers is here:

The link is here:

Do you remember the “Hercules Swell” last year? Did you miss the Belharra, France, 50-70 foot face surf video from last year?  Incredible, perfect and massive :)  Video below:

This wind swell has a pretty wide Fetch, and as of last night at 10 PM, the 120 went from 4.3 feet at 9 seconds to 6 feet at 11 seconds by 4 am this morning.  So this baby is part ground swell.

It is looking chest to head high on Tuesday !  Winds look offshore straight west (3-5 mph at daybreak) for the most part from daybreak until at least early afternoon.  The tide ain’t so hot at daybreak, so it looks like it might be safe to stall your paddle out time a bit, to let the tide start it’s high to mid-low time at around around 9:30 (high is 6:37 am for Satellite Beach)

On Wednesday and maybe Thursday, the swell drops in size quite a bit, but should provide some thigh to waist high fun at the right tides and if you choose your wind time wisely :)

I’ll share more later to confirm wind for Tuesday morning.

Surf video of TS/Hurricane Ida at the Cocoa Beach Pier, with Dennis of Core Surf and a couple others.  Beautiful leftovers of Ida :)

Nice little wind swell moving in for Sunday morning, with perhaps waist to chest high clean, and maybe, just maybe glassy for an hour or so near daybreak Sunday morning.  Satellite Beach is your best bet to get the size.  If it blows offshore, probably from daybreak , for an hour , then light SE to East winds in the 3-5 mph range, building in speed as the morning grows older :)  (hopefully it won’t be a scattered thundershower to throw the winds whacko)

We may have a chest high plus and glassy day between Monday and Wednesday, so watch the wind charts, or check back here.

We have almost a ground swell rolling in today.  As the swell period approaches 9 and 10 seconds, we should start to see longer lines.

It may be disorganized this afternoon, even if the winds turn offshore after 3 pm, because there is a 2nd , and 3rd swell pushing from the south that is fighting against the ENE wind/groundswell rolling in.

Thursday morning at daybreak, should be waist high plus, with some solid chest high sets in Satellite Beach and glassy!.  Winds look to be offshore, from the West until late morning at least.

Friday morning could be 6 inches bigger and glassy.

If you’re lucky, this afternoon could be fun when it starts to turn offshore.  And Even now, with the winds straight South, well that is 32 degrees offshore at Playlinda, and 26 degrees offshore at Sebastian Inlet.  But only 10 degrees offshore in Satellite Beach, so with 15 mph South winds, Satellite will still be bumpy.

Sunday morning should be the day!  Saturday was a dissapointment, except maybe for folks at the pier.  But there was still some 50 yard rides for all, in other North breaks.  The problem was caused by a secondary swell, that was aiming North to South from 3 am Saturday till maybe 3 Pm , a swell that was 3.5 feet at @ 6 seconds.  So that was putting the bump in the middle of the swell in the morning , more noticeable down south, but took the juice out of much of the swell even up North.

Here’s a video compilation of Big Wednesday of Ida, with a nice soundtrack by Guerilla Jazz, called “One Day We’ll Be gone”, they are from Maui, Hi.

Sunday , the Hurricane Joaquin has dropped a little in size models, and now it also looks like the “size” arrives at it’s Peak, by around Noon to maybe 2:30 Pm or so.  We have a secondary swell, but a very minimal one pointing south again, but I don’t think it will cause much issue, not like today anyhow. We do have West winds at the 120 buoy, so that could hold back some of the swell.  I think we can look for Shoulder high plus at the Pier, with some bigger sets, and Satellite Beach should see some 10 foot rogue sets, with a lot of 6-9 foot sets.  The winds shoudl be WNW at daybreck around 8 to 10 mph, switching to West down to around 6 to 8 mph.

Monday and Tuesday look big and fun also.  Enjoy, and watch out for the bait fish predators!



Hurricane-Joaquin-Friday-2pm-10-02-15-compliments-of-Magicseaweed. CLICK IMAGE FOR A READABLE SIZE, LOL

See Video below of the best Florida Hurricane Surf video I have seen, but Here’s the update on Saturday and Sunday Surf.  Hurricane Joaquin will not be hitting us as hard Saturday or Sunday as the models first said.  But only by 1 foot drop on the models for Sunday.  Saturday, it doesn’t appear to be coming in as intense.

Saturday, expect head high with bigger sets at the Pier, and head high to 2 feet overhead in Satellite w a few bigger sets. Winds start out NW at daybreak, and progress to WNW, from 10-12 mph at daybreak, increasing to 15-18 as the day progresses.

Sunday is “The Day” now.  I still believe there will be double overhead sets in Satellite Beach, but not bigger than that now.  Only on the clean-up sets if u will :)  At the Pier, expect 2 foot overhead to even a rare 3 to 5 foot overhead wave.  Winds on Sunday start out West and increase to WSW, 8 mph at daybreak and increase to 12-15 mph, maybe a little more by late afternoon.

Check out the video below, which I think is the best Surf Video footage of Florida and RC’s that I have seen.  These guys at Pure Ocean TV,  I have tons of respect for :)

Hurricane Sandy, it was so much fun that day, October 28th, 2012,  in the morning when the tide was high and over the steps at RC’s.  These guys got there may 30 minutes after I left and went to Hightowers :)

and then , there’s the drive back to the Cape, to catch a smaller , session, when you’re feeling your age, LOL

Same day as the video i took and posted on the 1st, just decided I was exahausted and wanted a few more rides, and less battling the paddle back out, LOL, photo by Mike Melito, September 30, 2015

Same day as the video i took and posted on the 1st, just decided I was exahausted and wanted a few more rides, and less battling the paddle back out, LOL, photo by Mike Melito, September 30, 2015

Friday should be really nice, with waist high plus at the Pier, and Head high plus in Saturday in Satellite Beach.  Winds should be around NW, in a brisk 8 to 12 mph at daybreak.

Here’s another short video clip from Big Wednesday in Satellite Beach.  It started as a near double overhead face, tapering off quick, but made for a nice , perfect ride without almost a coverup.

Saturday, as the Easterly swell begins to piggyback this powerful NE swell we’ve had, and it should start arriving by noon or 1 PM Saturday morning, and all through the night. It should be 2 feet overhead by mid-afternoon, getting close to double overhead by dark.  Winds look to be offshore most of the day.

Sunday morning could be massive, and hit double overhead for the entire morning.  It has a chance of reaching the status of Hurricane Sandy, with Very strong offshore West winds, perhaps in the 12-20 mph range.

Get excited, and grab your best big wave gun!