I just felt this video should be in my Big Wave collection of  videos.

A Small Southeast swell is rolling in, during the day Friday and will be here through Saturday.  We could have some knee to waist high waves with offshore winds both mornings.

The video below is an unknown surfer at 4rth street in Cocoa Beach on Tuesday.  I hope to have a 2 to 4 minute video of Big Tuesday in the next week.  Wednesday had some waist high plus waves too, at O Club and south, however, no video from Wednesday.

video by WalkonWaterProductions.biz


I shot this photo in Satellite Beach around 1:30 PM,  the afternoon of Hurricane Sandy, right after my session. October 28, 2012, by Oldwaverider :)

I shot this photo in Satellite Beach around 1:30 PM, the afternoon of Hurricane Sandy, right after my session. October 28, 2012, by Oldwaverider :)

Is Bertha going to give us Size and Perfection tomorrow morning?

Well, we should see Chest high plus sets Tuesday morning, with offshore winds in the 8-12 mph WSW direction until after 1 or 2, then SW.  High tide is 2:36 am, CCB and the Cape.

The swell just hit the 120 mile buoy at 3.9 feet at 13 seconds at 4:50 PM Monday , well today :)  It should take around 6-7 hours to hit the beaches.  At 13 seconds, it should travel around 20 mph toward the beach.  11 seconds travels around 17 mph, so yeah, I interpolated :)

This photo is from Sandy, a photo that I shot right after my surf session, and no, it won’t be this size, but I just wanted to let my Adolescence run rampant with enthusiasm and optimism…

Any changes on Tuesday morning?  Nope!  Still looks to be chest high waves, and head high plus drops on some of the set waves , with offshore winds till noon or past :)

Tuesday-08-05-14-6am-Swell-Chart-on-08-03-14-at-9am-Thanks-MagicseaweedWednesday morning should be rideable ,  probably in the knee to thigh high range w bigger sets.

Crazy thing is, Outer Banks/Cape Hatteras is going to have an 8 foot at 13 second period swell Tuesday at noon, when we are having a 3-4 foot swell at 10 seconds.

We’ll take what we can get, and give thanks!





Tuesday morning, for 4 or 5 days running, appears to be the big and offshore day folks :)   and…

Mike Melito - a nice right - TS Maria-Sept-2011-DSC03722Tuesday, We are looking at stomach to chest high waves, with bigger sets during the unexpected moments, haha !  Offshore winds appear to be from daybreak until noon.  I’ll give you a Sunday night update on the winds, when our favorite online news source can provide that for us, in the required 48 hour window.  Wednesday looks fun too, thigh to maybe waist high, and glassy, but the swell drops off fast after lunch perhaps.

The photo could be indicative of some of the set waves that we will be getting Tuesday, August 5 2013 with Tropical Storm Bertha.

The surfer is my friend Mike Melito, and is a shot of him surfing behind his Cocoa Beach home away from home, at fourth street North.

Track the storm on Tuesday morning here on our site.



Doe Tuesday still look like the day?  Yeah

TS-Bertha-Monday-08-04-14-at-3PM-Magicseeweed-printscreen-08-01-14Tropical Storm Bertha as you can see, I did a printscreen shot of the storm captured at 3 PM on Monday.   And the next yellow icon of the storm is Tuesday Pm like 5 or 6 PM.   Well,  a general rule of thumb, is when a Hurricane or Tropical Storm has passed Brevard County by 100 miles or so, that is when the winds turn offshore.   That also depends how far off the coast the storm is, and how big (miles across the Fetch) it is.

Anyhow, this is why the models show offshore winds Tuesday AM , at daybreak till noon or so.  High tide is at 2:36 AM for CCB/Cape,  so that’s a good thing, for dawn patrolers and Rock scrapers.

Size for Tuesday AM,  should be in the stomach to chest high  if the period of the swell remains at 10 seconds.  Winds for 4 days running now in the models show offshore.  Sunday night, the 48 hour window, then weather.com gives me a more accurate  reading, and I will post the winds then.  By the way, if the storm increased in intensity, and the period jumped up to 12 seconds,  then size would go up most likely by a couple feet on the face.

If you want to follow the Accu-weather tracking animation/charts, check out our Tracking page here on Monday and Tuesday A.M..

Don’t forget about Friday Fest tonight at the Cape tonight from 6-10 PM.  The Cape website didn’t say who the Live band is this month, so your guess is as good as mine :)

Have a Great Friday!


Do we have a Powerful Ground Swell approaching next week?   You Bet!

The size of the swell waves may not be big, but we do have a chance at having Powerful Period  with waist to stomach high waves?  Why?  Look at the Period chart image.  (2nd image)

Moving swell chart frozen for Tuesday , August 5 2014 at 6 AM, thanks to Magicseaweed.com's nice model version. The swell is coming from the Southeast (Caribbean),  and even though it only shows 2 to 3 foot swell waves, the fetch of the period is what excites me. (fetch is the distance in miles that a swell stretches from Point A to Point B, if u will)   And the fetch is a lot wider than the distance from Key West to Cape Cod as the crow flies.  And what I really like, is how uniform and thick the bands of the swell period are shown in the color changes.

Anyhow, we’ll see what happens.

NOTE: I just added the line so those, new to surf charting jargon like fetch, could see the visual.  I don’t mean to insult the Intelligence of the rest of you :)

And yes, the swell looks like it may be closer to chest high, even with 2-5 mph onshore winds Tuesday afternoon.  If the models hold up :)  And Wednesday, or the following day, could be solid offshore glass in the 3 foot at 9 second range, which could easily be stomach to chest high or better in Satellite anyhow !

Moving Period chart frozen for Tuesday , August 5 2014 at 6 AM, thanks to Magicseaweed.com's nice model version.

Incoming one or two day little swell for Wednesday morning and possible Thursday morning. Could be thigh to stomach high, from the Pier and getting a little bigger as you go south. Should be glassy Wednesday morning.  This is just a little Southeast swell rolling in.

Hurricane Arthur surf this morning 3-4 feet, posted at 5:40 AM Wednesday morning July 2 2014!  It should be bigger than chest high this morning at the Cocoa Beach Pier, and offshore, Satellite Beach may be head high.

Winds are offshore as I had hoped and shared last night, in the WNW range 15 mph with some stronger gusts!  The swell will be gone by lunchtime or this afternoon anyhow.

At Midnight last night the swell at the 20 mph buoy was ENE     17.5 knots and    9.2 feet at     8 seconds!  and at 2 Am this morning/last night it was at the 20 mile,  NNW    15.5 knots    10.5 feet   at 10 seconds almost a ground swell, and it probably is a ground swell with just low numbers. (ground swell normally has to be at 11 seconds, technically :)

At 4 AM just 2 hours ago, it read 7.5 feet at 10 seconds.  The accurate winds at our Merritt Island wind weather station says 12 – 15 mph WNW.  It will be gone quickly.

DON’T FORGET TO SEE OUR NEW LIVE RADAR AND ACCURATE REAL TIME WIND DATA UNDER THE Live Radar/Wind & Surfbreaks link, it is the drop down link underneath it.  So now you can track storms live right here!


Johnson Avenue Surfers has 4 live radar tracking maps, see the permanent page under the 5th main menu , link, it is the drop down submenu item here:

Hey, when we have a storm named Arthur, we gotta make some upgrades :)  Be safe, and catch the morning Stomach to maybe chest high with strong offshore winds, until maybe 9 or 10 AM Wednesday.  Update at 9:31 PM Tuesday night.  Looks like the storm has dropped some, maybe waist to chest, or less, we’ll see :)