This is a tuesday morning update for the Tuesday report below, done at 6:36 AM tuesday.  The near shore buoy dropped to 2.3 feet at 8 to 10 seconds, so I may have to go with waist to maybe chest high down south.  Still same offshore winds thought.


Yeah, tuesday morning looks like chest high waves and maybe head high down south with NW winds at daybreak, turning WNW till noon, and NNW to onshore by 1.

Low Tide is around 8:30, which isn’t the best, since I prefer high going low, but hey, it should be epic, and perhaps the tide won’t make a difference!

Get it while you can, short report tonight!


7 1/2 feet at 11 seconds at the 20 mile buoy!  at 11 Am Thursday.  That’s a wind swell mixed with ground swell, gotta love it!



Friday mid afternoon could be some head high semi-clean wave, fun! 

Today, Thursday,  the swell peaks in size, an should be overhead down South for sure.

Satellite Beach Surfing Video, shot a week , from last tuesday, 03/25,  There were a few shortboarders that were a total  pleasure to watch, with sweet carving, 360 floaters, and a longboarder that thought he was on a shortboard.  Hope you enjoy the short video.

Today Saturday, 04/05/2014, the waves kicked in for an hour, around 10 to 11 AM, and I got my 80-100 yard waist high wall to put a smile on my face; and a few really fun rail grabber lefts :)

Friday night 9:00 PM update from the report I shared Thursday below this Friday update;  Ground swell, is here, should hold, and winds still look SW to WSW in the 5 to 8 mph range on Saturday.  And Sunday, we may have SSW winds which is slight offshore from 8th South and further South.  Size should be the same, on Sunday or 6 inches bigger until 11 or 12 probably.


Saturday morning could have a solid ENE Ground Swell for us with Waist to occasional Chest high sets and Glassy…More below on the incoming swell…

Walk on Water Productions website was out on Tuesday morning the 25th, to get the footage while it was Glass :)

The two videos below are some clips that I shot in Satellite Beach, both are from March 25, 2014 around 10 AM, with a nice Aerial at the end, and the second, is a clip of Chad that I shot on the same day, a nice glassy 10 second left :)  I will compile another video from the same day soon.


The swell period which determines whether or not we have a ground swell, starts rolling in Friday afternoon late, but come in Saturday morning around 6 to 9 am.  And it is supposed to strengthen thru the day bringing in more consistent chest high sets.  It could be glassy until noon even , air temp around 68 at daybreak, winds, SW to WSW in the 4 to 8 mph range.

Sunday morning, could be chest high, and semi-glassy down south, as the winds right now are showing South in the 10 plus mph range, so we won’t know more on that until Friday some time.

Enjoy, and we’ll post an update, if it looks like the winds will change drastically in any way.

Thanks, and have a great post Camel Day.

Oldwaverider & Walk On Water Productions :)

The Winds had their own mind :( , As of 5:58 AM this morning, Thursday March 20 2014)

The Swell never came in either, a massive fetch bigger than the U.S. , a huge ground swell at that, 12-14 seconds, and it never fully came in, as of 8:30 AM , today, Thursday morning.

Winds are still North at 10 mph at PAFB.

PAFB wind meter, did not give us the NNW winds at 4 to 6 mph as expected!  The last reading at 5:58 AM Thursday morning, was 12 knots from the North, and the same direction the last 4 hours on their meter.  So expect chest to maybe head high sets, and semi clean at the Pier, but as you go south, expect sideshore and no glass at all.

Sorry folks, the winds did not follow the model.  I will look again at 7 AM, when we have first light.

The 2nd part of the swell, just hit the 20 mile buoy at 7:50 PM tonight! (Wednesday night)  5.6 feet at 12 seconds.  The winds are on track for offshores, up North here.  Now , though, they have switched to NNW at daybreak, around 5 mph, so that should still give us glass from the Pier to the Jetty.  And now the NNW winds appear they will hold till 10 or 11 instead of 9ish.  Pray a little :)  (this update was at 8:38 PM, 8 hours after this initial surf report was done. Everything below this paragraph, was from the 12:15 report earlier today)

With light onshore winds, and a partial ground swell here, the surf looked pretty fun just after 11 AM, here at the Cape.  See the charts below, to compare today and tomorrow,  especially, the Period chart comparison :)

Wednesday, building all day, with light onshore winds in the 6 to 10 mph range.  Should be Waist to Chest high today, North going South (Satellite Beach).   After 2 or 3 AM tonight, the full strength of the 2nd part of the swell, should be in.  It is kind of a 2-part swell.

Thursday, at dawn patrol the full strength is here, and the winds show NW at 4-6 mph,  for CCB and Satellite Beach.  But by 9 or 10 AM, the winds show that they turn North,  so dawn patrol is best, and for size and offshore, like possible 1-3 foot overhead drops on the less frequent bigger sets, go to Satellite.  If you want head high to overhead, and glass for a  couple hours longer, then 4rth street North is as far South as you want to go.

Take a look at the printscreen images I used from MagicSeaweed (the same as any surf data site), and you can see the new swell that comes in tomorrow morning, not only by the swell size, but the Period, is the determinant.  The strength of the period is bright green Thursday morning, and the Fetch is as big or bigger than the US.  Granted, it’s only a 4-5 foot swell, but remember, Hurricane Leslie, was a 4.5 foot at 12 second swell (2012),  that produced 10 to 11 foot faces.


Here is the 9 AM Swell and Period chart respectively for March 19 (today morning):

Here is the 9 AM Swell chart respectively for March 19 (today morning): - Compliments of

Here is the 9 AM Period chart respectively for March 19 (today morning): - Compliments of

And here is the 9 AM Swell and Period chart respectively for March 20 , Thursday tomorrow morning:

Here is the 9 AM Swell chart respectively for March 20 (Thursday morning): - Compliments of

Here is the 9 AM Swell chart respectively for March 20 (Thursday morning): - Compliments of

Big Waves coming Thursday March 20 !  More down below :)

Big swell starts rolling in all day Wednesday, but not till after dark, does the powerhouse Ground Swell come in !

Thursday, at daybreak, we should be blessed with Shoulder high waves up North to Overhead sets down south.  The swell is not to steep, so it should fill in to the Cape fairly nicely, and of course way better in Satellite Beach.  The winds should be NNW until maybe 9 AM, and then North, so it should be semi-glassy from 4rth Street North up to the Cape.  Satellite handles side shore NNW winds a lot better than we handle sideshore SSW winds, but up North is your best shot for glass.  If u want size, go to Satellite.  NOTE:  THE WINDS TURN NORTH, BY 9 AM, SO GET OUT EARLY!

Friday will only be a foot or foot and a half smaller in the early AM, but once the winds pick up late morning, the size will dampen.  Light onshore winds in the morning, and then they go stiff.

I have a 3 minute Video of Satellite Beach from today, it was cranking, stomach high to some over-head drops, and glass till 9:30, then semi-glass till 11.  The Video will be loaded, is loaded now !

Sunday surf, waist to chest high, NNW offshore winds which is good for the Cape and North Cocoa Beach, until 10 AM or so, in the 5 to 8 mph range, then N for an hour, then NE.  Get it early, even though the tide time isn’t the best !

Possible glassy waves by 2 PM today and very fun ! … More below…

Scariest Wipeout I have seen in a couple years on this video just below all this surf talk.  Tasmania has the Right, Shipstern Bluff, and this break in the Video which I never heard of, with a 40 plus foot face, and a wall thicker than Teahupoo.  The surfer thought he broke his back

My video just below this line, was one of the epic lefts that came thru on March 3rd,  Monday, a solid head high left, that this guy worked the face to stay ahead of the wave, awesome reading of the wave !  100 YARD PLUS RIDE, VERY SWEET :)  Walk On Water video, see our site here:

See our Facebook page too ! and Like us so we can do more Videos ! Thanks !  Oldwaverider

Today, Thursday, March 6th, we should have winds, that turn offshore sometime after 1 PM, with waist to stomach high waves, getting bigger of course as you move south.   Very strange , but here is the wind situation.  They started North at midnight, went NE,  as the push of the new smaller swell coming in late today comes in, the winds change to SSE, (this is at the Patrick Air Force base weather station which is the most accurate source of winds for us),  they are now turned south from 8 down to 6 mph, 10 am south at 8, and at 11 am the last reading they were south at 6 mph, so probably noon reading they will be south and by 1 Pm, they should make a shift to SSW, and maybe by 4 or 5 PM, they will turn SW.  So after 1 or 2 PM, there should be solid waist high to stomach high glassy waves south of 8th Street south, but by 6 PM, the little swell will be down to 2 feet probably.

Friday, late afternoon, a new swell starts rolling in, bringing us waist to stomach, but, the winds will be offshore strong, so they may literally blow it flat. If not, it should be fun, but it will bring solid waist to chest high waves for Saturday, and clean to semi-glassy conditions all day Saturday for the North only. (The Cape thru 4rth street North).  If it turns NNW, then Satellite Beach will have some shoulder high plus waves and semi-glassy, yeah !

Sunday, will be waist to chest high with light north winds my guess in the 6 to 8 mph range with a strong change of turning NNW or NW, then , it could be great not only North but also down South.

WIPEOUT FROM HELL – featuring James Hollmer-Cross from Tim Bonython Productions on Vimeo.

Yes, we had some one to two foot overhead drops on some of the sets today!  Solid Chest to Head high waves, See the Video below :)  How bout Tuesday?

Tuesday should be thigh to waist high, with maybe a few chest high sets, but my guess is down south only on the upper end.  Winds should be great everywhere,  WNW at daybreak, turning NW and then to North by around Noon.

Video shot in Satellite Beach, by Walk On Water Productions :)