When we first got to RC’s North at 7:15-7:30, the lines were epic!  I had to earnestly look for a closeout.  After my 2 hours, yes, the closeouts began.  When I started to shoot footage;  but there were still plenty of Waves holding up still from 10 – 12 PM!

(NOTE: To see the best quality, click two of the lower right YouTube icons on the controls.  Click the gear and choose at least 720P or if u have great bandwidth go for 1080P.  Also choose the “Full Screen” icon on the far right, and then start the video over so the quality kicks in.  YouTube defaults at 360P and I can’t blame them!  Turn your volume up too for the Music)

The crowds were nill, yeah, the paddle out and the sets looked intimidating (for Florida, LOL),  but when you see perfect 6-9 foot faces , with a 10 foot face thrown in every 15 minutes or so, heading back North to Cocoa Beach and the Cape did not seem like an option :)

Today, we have waist to chest high plus with winds SW at 2nd light wind monitor at the base, and that was around 6 at 8:30 AM, which already changed from WNW.  Get out while you can!

Great Hurricane;  though I do hope and pray Bermuda came out okay …




Finally it hit the Ft. Pierce buoy 2.6 feet at 13 seconds.  First 13 second reading. As of 12:25 PM Update.  As I said earlier , The swell is coming in, the power swell I should say, but it maybe 4 PM till we fully feel it and see it!
(Note:  The Ft Pierce buoy is only 9 miles offshore vs our 20 mile buoy which the 13 second nor even 11 second part of the swell has not hit ours.  But now that it has hit the Ft Pierce buoy, by 1:30 or 2:30 latest, we should start to see some size and power.  Also note,  It also hit the Fernandina Beach buoy at 13 seconds like 3 different readings since 9 AM this morning.  But they don’t have the Bahamas and a Cape Island that sticks out and blocks us like we do)

It hit the 120 buoy last night at 1 AM, in the 11-14 second range.   Take a look at the 4 images below and it will make sense, well, kinda :)



Today, we may only see head high before darkBut don’t be surprised if late morning Friday, we see some 2-3 foot overhead faces on the big set waves.    Remember, Hurricane Leslie in 2012 was only like 4.3 feet at 12 seconds and we had some 11 foot face wave sets)

So Friday, I believe head high to overhead will happen and with 1-3 foot overhead sets in Satellite Beach, and maybe some at the Pier.  Winds offshore till late morning, NNW to maybe NW winds.

Saturday, chest to head high with offshore winds all day.

Sunday, waist to stomach plus with offshore winds most of the day.

The first 3 images are the moving Period chart of the swell (which shows the fetch or width of the storm and it’s relative strength at each of the different colors).  The first is 9 Am this morning, then 12 Pm followed by 3 Pm.   Notice the bright Green does not fully wrap our coast at the Cape until 3 Pm.   Now this model is from 6 AM this morning.  The fourth image is the swell size at 3 Pm which just shows us the size to expect and what the power should be based on the period.   This is why we are waiting.  And maybe cause the winds are a lot stronger West out at the 120 and the 20 mile buoy, so that may be slowing it down some.  a 14 second period swell travels across sea at over 20 mph (11 second travels about 17 mph, so just interpolate :)





When will the Groundswell part of Hurricane Gonzalo hit our beaches?  It appears to hit Thursday morning at daybreak, but we have a windswell that may bring some waves Wednesday afternoon in the thigh to waist high range.

10-14-14-Image-1-Hurricane-Gonzalo-Hurricane-Stats-at-930PM-Tuesday-from-AccuweatherBelow are first an image with the stats of Gonzalo, which has now hit a Category 3 Hurricane.  Pray for Bermuda folks!

The second image shows a clearer path and schedule of the storm.

Thursday, Gonzalo waves will be building all day and could reach in the chest to head high by 5 PM or so.  Winds should be NW or WNW in the 8 – 12 mph range.  Could make for some incredible lip spray for the challenge of dropping in fast to beat the blindness, LOL :)

Friday, noon to afternoon could be the biggest size of the swell.  We could see head high to 2 foot overhead sets as you head south to Satellite Beach. With stiff NNW winds probably some NW (3 days out, is a 50% accuracy guess, based upon obsessive compulsive desires for storm tracking for Hurricanes :),   but these winds could be slowing down all afternoon to the 10 mph range abouts by 4 or 5 PM.  

Hurricane Gonzalo's path, as of 9:30 PM Tuesday night, 10/14, compliments of Accuweather.com

Hurricane Gonzalo’s path, as of 9:30 PM Tuesday night, 10/14, compliments of Accuweather.com

Saturday looks fun chest to head high and glassy.

Sunday looks a lot smaller but still rideable and glassy.


Old-optimistic-waverider :)

Hurricane-Gonzalo-Swell-Chart-for-Friday-10-17-14-at-6AM-as-of-Monday-10-13-14-6AM, Image compliments of Magicseaweed.comWhat can we expect from Tropical Storm, soon to be Hurricane Gonzalo?

Overhead Waves!  More on Tuesday , allowing for another day for the model to build.  We may have two Big , Offshore wind days and Overhead, between Thursday and Sunday, since the storm is nicely,  600-800 miles offshore :)

Tropical-then-Hurricane-Gonzalo-Columbus-Day-morn-1030-AM-10-13-14, Image, compliments of Magicseaweed.com

Swell-Chart-for-Sunday-10-12-14-6AM-from-magicseaweed Compliments of Magicseaweed.comSunday morning could be fun before the rest of the easterly winds bringing in the rest of the swell start picking up.  Could be waist high and clean at the Cape.  With winds in the 2-5 mph range, then picking up by 10 or 11 am or so into the 8-12 mph range

The 20 mile buoy is showing 4 feet at 5 seconds, last 11 second reading was last night at 10 PM  The rest of the readings are 5 or 6 seconds.  The 120 buoy is showing over 3 feet at 13 seconds and though it has dropped from 5 feet which was expected it has shown solid swell, and Fort Pierce buoy is 3 feet at 13 seconds.  That tells me maybe no waves at the Pier, and maybe not even in Satellite Beach because the angle of the swell barely hit Fort Pierce.  The Fernandina Beach buoy also hit 3 feet at 12 or 13 seconds last night at 10:30 PM, but is also only showing a 4 to 6 second period swell after that time.  We shall see.


Sunday morning could be solid waist high to maybe chest and almost glassy until maybe 11 AM.

The tide is best at 7 AM, so get out then, it will be 12 to 16 mph N to NNW winds for a couple hours, which means slight offshore from the Cape to 4rth Street North only.

South of Minuteman, N to NNW winds are onshore.

I will share more tonight to see how the swell is coming in.

Perhaps we will see this same size and textured glass Monday morning.  Photo of Oldwaverider at 4rth street North, photo taken by Mike Melito, in 2012

Perhaps we will see this same size and textured glass Monday morning. Photo of Oldwaverider at 4rth street North, photo taken by Mike Melito, in 2012

Monday is looking really fun, early.   Rib to chest high down south and glassy !

Keep your eyes out for clean and maybe glassy waist to some chest high waves Friday morning!  More later today :)

Check out the surf video I posted on my last post, from Hurricane Edouard , from Thursday morning!

The video below has some really nice talent on 5 on 6 waves from Hurricane Edouard.  I shot the footage around 10 AM in the morning, after my session.  Location was Satellite Beach and was breaking from Chest high to an occasional 2 foot overhead drop.  Beautiful Day, Great Surf, and some nice Eye Candy too :)