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If you live in the neighborhood and would like to post things in the future, please feel free to make a comment.   The forum community here is pretty tight on their rules about what is acceptable and what is not.    (You know, keeping it decent, clean pics, no unacceptable language or arguing, that type of thing 🙂

Once I have a chance to meet you, and you want to start posting some photos, or video and/or post comments in general then we can get that going with administrative access.

Note: If you have any videos you want to put up, the way the WordPress is about videos and audio is they need to be uploaded at a different location, so the way for me to do it is that I will need to put them on another remote site that I have setup and link the movie simply back to that site.  Very easily done.

So all you’d need to day is make your post, email me the video file, preferably non-compressed, so that I can make a .swf file with progressive download, and I’ll upload it to my remote storage site.    If you have any questions, feel free to email me and/or call me.


Oldwaverider (Art)

12 thoughts on “Blog Members

    1. Thanks Scooter. I really hope some folks send me some, or get some to me. Videos would be cool too. My buddy who took the pics at the pier had zoom, but it wasn’t like an SLR. Hopefully some folks will contact me with some pics they’ve taken on Johnson Ave. itself. I was glad to be able to just show folks what kind of waves we had. I’d like to have some of Igor as well. Art

      1. Hi Art! Nice to meet you last Friday Night at the street scene. Nice work on this site. I’m impressed.
        Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it is 1:30 and I am headed for a walk on the beach headed toward the pier. I ‘ll see you someitime I guess.


      2. Hey Joanna, real nice to here from ya! And thanks for the site comments.

        I just got back from the end of the street (Johnson), watching the 3 or 4 hungry surfers hoping for waves. This swell got blocked out by the space center. I surfed this morning 7:30, down in Satellite, at that really nice park called Hightowers. We had some good waves.

        I’ll see you soon 🙂

        oldwaverider (Art)

  1. Art – it’s been a long time my friend. Very cool site. I lived in south Cocoa Beach about 200 yards north of the base in the late 80s and worked in Port Canaveral with the scallop kings. I spent a lot of time in your neighborhood. I’ll be checking back for updates.


    1. Hey Muzzy, thanks bunch. Somehow a comment you made back in March, never got thru the server, and came thru today with your comment here. My apologies.

      I plan to start doing some video in June-July and editing. Ha, amateur at first, but I’m tripping to learn what they’re doing in some of the Big Wave Videos.

      We’ll have smaller waves, but we’ll add some local color 🙂



  2. Hey Art,

    Thanks again for the couple of hours out there on the spot near the army base. I have had a beautiful session on your board. Fun waves, glassy conditions, quite a few dolphins, good company and a shark. I was stoked flying all the way back to Holland.

    I just got home, it is freezing here again.

    Keep up the good work, I appreciate your kindness.

    Best regards,

    1. Yeah Leo, great time.

      Glad a couple of Surfers from two continents could spend a few hours of fun waves in fortunately warm waters.

      Email some photos of your family if your up to it. Especially of any photos you took of the surf event your wife was in , which I think you said took place in Holland, and not another country.

      Take care my friend, and have a great year.


      Oldwaverider (Art Hansen)

    1. Cassidy,

      Yes, I will now that you asked. I will splice the quick video of the 4 of you guys, then Kayla? and the one who Did the incredible 4 flips. Tell me her first name, because I forget what it was, Pretty mind-blowing Gymnast, to say the least. I intend to to do the video edit, Tuesday, so I will post it on Wednesday night or Thursday latest!

      Thanks for asking, and for checking out the site 🙂


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