Hurricane tracking and Radar Satellite for Storm tracking from Merritt Island, Florida serving the entire East Coast and Brevard County

Hurricane Tracking,  for long range tracking, use here or Weather Underground is the website for Hurricane Tracking (when the page loads, just click on the hurricane icon in the region you want to check, and that storm page will render for you)

Check out these real time Wind tracking devices by Weather Underground here;  Here is the main map for our Surf Breaks from Cocoa Beach to South Melbourne Beach.  (It works just like Google maps, so you can just drag what part of the map that you want to see and then choose an Orange or Red dot which indicates a popup wind direction and wind/wind gusts reading) from south to north there are 5 including : South Melbourne Shores (a mile or two North of Aquarina condo),  Oceanside Village which is just south of the Satellite Beach wind station,  Indian Harbour Beach which is just south of Satellite beach and the Old Perkins, Satellite Beach for Perkins and Hightowers and RC’s wind,

When the Hurricane is close to our Southeast Florida Coast, then use link in next sentence below.

Thanks to and the National Weather Service we have live Radar on Johnson Avenue Surfers.  Hurricane at Accuweather here:

I added who once provided us the very best Hurricane animation tracking of anyone, for free, but now, they have opened back up again a little for us, so here is their Google Map page for us for the Atlantic at

For Merritt Island, here is the live local wind Direction, Speed, Barometric pressure here:  And here is a Merritt Island every link you could want for Weather, Storm Tracking, etc here:

Cape nearshore buoy here   Cape – 20 mile buoy here   Cape 120 mile buoy here   Ft. Pierce Buoy here   Two Palms website here  Winds at P.A.F.B. (2nd Light and O Club)  here

Melbourne Nexrad Radar map at here:

(Note: Image below is just what the image looks like when you click the Wunderground link directly above.  For Melbourne radar)


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