Sharks of Florida Photos :

(NOTE:  The Wave Height to Body Scale Chart followed by the NDBC website Buoy links are below the Best Surf Breaks based on Wind direction.)

The following links, are Storm Tracking links for Hurricanes, Storms, etc.

http://www.merrittislandweather.com/ (everything, and any link you could want to find weather data 🙂  All Florida Buoys and links here:

NWS (National Weather Service) NOOA here:

Melbourne office, NWS with animated maps and hurricane tracking here:

The Charts/Maps below, are Surf Breaks, and what direction of offshore winds make them glassy.

Example:  SSW winds can be sideshore or onshore in Cape Canaveral, but are awesome for 16th Street south or 2nd light.  So we have provided these Google map images, and used vectors (compass), to show you when the particular Surf Break is best.  (regarding wind direction)

North and NNW winds and the best Surf Breaks for them:
Johnson Avenue - Best wind direction for glassy waves
Johnson Avenue, Cape Canaveral


Lori Wilson Park - Best wind direction for glassy waves
Lori Wilson Park, middle to North Cocoa Beach


4th Street North - Best wind direction for glassy waves
4rth Street North


TheWaveCaster.com wave height size chart.
TheWaveCaster.com wave height size chart.
Buoy Links

120 Mile Buoy here:

20 Mile Buoy here:

1 Mile Buoy here:

St. Augustine buoy here:

Cape Canaveral near shore water temperature here:
(when you click on the water temp link, scroll down to the line that says “Conditions at TRDF1 as of” and in the 6th line of that chart with 8 lines, it gives you the near shore water temperature for us)

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