Surf report update, Friday nite for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (01/14/11)

Fun waist high swell on 12/10/10, at Hangers, taken by a friend.
Fun waist high swell on 12/10/10, at Hangers, taken by a friend.

I mentioned the other day that this Nor’easter will throw remants at us for late Saturday, but mostly Sunday morning and possibly Monday.

It should bring some nice waist high waves from South Cocoa Beach, and further south on Sunday morning.  It may touch the Cape, but the swell angle is pretty steep.

The winds as of 8 tonight are showing out of the North at 3 to 4 mph by 6 am Sunday morning and turning NNE by mid-morning.

With 3 or 4 mph winds, the North wind breaks of CCB may work, and even Satellite which even though its a South wind area, should still be good.    I believe (I’ll stick my neck out a little here :),  and say that Sunday morning for 2 or 3 hours we may have NNW or NW winds until 9 or so.   With the warming air temp from 43 Friday morn to 54 at daybreak Sunday morn, that warming land mass may cause the winds to blow offshore a couple hours.

Water temp should be 60-61,  air temp should be 60 by 9 AM.  Best time to get out is 7:30 AM,  with high tide  going low, with 3 to 4 mph N to NW offshore winds until 9 or 9:30.   Of course I’m anal – retentive !  That ain’t gonna change 🙂

We may have some sunshine too, at least in and out!  Hey, if you’re stressed out, or life is sucking for you, and you need to get some peace,  then after a morning surf session, please visit Christ Lutheran Church with Pastor Greg at 11 Am.  Casual beach shorts work fine, no ties…  Check it out here.

Have a fun Sunday early morning sesh.