Saturday 5/30 is looking chest to head high in Satellite, slight better Sunday, posted Friday night 9:50 PM 05/29/2015

Saturday morning, should be chest to shoulder w some head high sets, in Satellite. Cocoa Beach and the Pier, a foot or so smaller.  Maybe some overhead faces down south 🙂  Winds, 6 mph east at daybreak, and 7-9 by 9 or 10 am, less than 15 in the afternoon.  If no morning sickness, THE LENGTH OF THIS SWELL, THE “FETCH” IF U WILL, IS WAY LONGER THAN THE United States and Canada in height.  If may not be a full ground swell, but expect some nice lines.

Sunday morning, lighter winds, maybe 4 mph onshore. 6 inches or so bigger, and better shape.

Monday morning, I would say, offshore winds until maybe 8:30 AM, then South to SE.

Fun Surf Wednesday, when it goes NNW, and Thursday, chest high and some glass, posted Wednesday 12:15 PM May 06 2015

More later, but I just wanted to let y’all know that Thursday could be bigger and glassier, or at least better form, but Wednesday right now it is offshore down south, NW at 4 mph, as of 12:07 PM Wednesday 05/06/2015

Sunday morning, great chance of big , clean overhead ground swell! Posted Saturday 8:30 PM 05/02/2015

Sunday morning, down south , expect big waves 🙂  Very steep angle swell, so the Cape and even the Pier, may only be half the size of Satellite Beach, due to being blocked out.  What’s my prediction?  Well, if it was offshore winds, then I would say, we could see some close to double overhead faces in Satellite.  But, since it should be 6-8 mph ne winds at daybreak,  I believe we will see some 1-3 foot overhead faces, with a few 4 foot overhead faces by 9 am.  It looks like a ground swell, as it hit the 120 mile buoy at 7 pm tonight, 6 feet at 11 seconds.  High tide is 8 am , so try to hit dawn patrol!

Have fun, and be safe !

Oldwaverider 🙂