Saturday 5/30 is looking chest to head high in Satellite, slight better Sunday, posted Friday night 9:50 PM 05/29/2015

Saturday morning, should be chest to shoulder w some head high sets, in Satellite. Cocoa Beach and the Pier, a foot or so smaller.  Maybe some overhead faces down south 🙂  Winds, 6 mph east at daybreak, and 7-9 by 9 or 10 am, less than 15 in the afternoon.  If no morning sickness, THE LENGTH OF THIS SWELL, THE “FETCH” IF U WILL, IS WAY LONGER THAN THE United States and Canada in height.  If may not be a full ground swell, but expect some nice lines.

Sunday morning, lighter winds, maybe 4 mph onshore. 6 inches or so bigger, and better shape.

Monday morning, I would say, offshore winds until maybe 8:30 AM, then South to SE.

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