Wednesday night guess (9/29/10)

The 120 buoy hit 11 feet at 9 seconds at 6 PM !   What’s that mean?  Maybe a ground swell chasing out the wind swell part and maybe some lines instead of just peaks in the morning.    I know, I’m an optimist. Hopefully some 10 second period waves will start coming in from out there.  Still looking like  chest to shoulder/head high depending on where ya go.

Winds go offshore after midnight (I’m thinking sometime between 12:16 am and 12:44 am, just kidding, I don’t know when) , so it should have ample time to clean up the waves.  Yeah I know I sound overly optimistic.   So what, I’ve had egg on my face before,   I just want fun glassy waves.   Should be offshore till close to noon, after that it’s anyone’s guess.

Link to TS Nicole tracking site: 

Tropical Storm Nicole screenshot, at 9 PM, located 333 miles from Daytona,
Tropical Storm Nicole screenshot, at 9 PM, located 333 miles from Daytona,

Friday’s looking good for size and glass too.   Looks like the Nor’easter is coming in a lot later like Sunday, and just climbs from there.

See ya out in the morning!

Wednesday morning (9/29/10)

You think I’m obsessive doing these reports eh?   You should see how many times a day I look at all this data while I’m working at home, ha!

Well our combined wind swell and ground swell (all swells are wind swells, but that’s another conversation :),  is holding tight for Thursday morning as a fun session.  Still looks to be chest high for the Cape and Shoulder or better for south of us, Satellite’s great rock breaks

Winds, are still showing to be offshore,  still in the 10 to 15 mph range, and out of the NW by daybreak, and possibly switching to westerly later in the day.   I cannot remember the last time Florida stayed offshore winds all day, but Weather Channel says yes, but I’ll have to see it.

Normally it blows the swell flat anyhow,  and with Friday showing some good size also and offshore, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Low tide for CCB is 6:47 am for Thursday, high tide at 1:11 pm.    I’m gonna check the end of the street, and if it looks great, and is chest high, then I’m gonna blow off my normal trip down to Hangers or Hightowers even though it’ll be 2 foot bigger there at least.   Nothin better than a great swell at the end of your street.  

By the way, the Nor’easter swell coming in Saturday (or maybe Friday nite) shows a big drop in size, but its still on track and looks like its going to piggy back right on top of the swell we have coming today and tommorrow.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to have much of a period to create the ground swells that we like, but heh, its waves right?

Enough rambling.   Hope to see ya out there!