Today was almost Epic! Thursday morning, could be better :) if the offshore winds do happen! , Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach, posted 4:00 PM 08/27/2014

Wednesday night 9:30 PM update!  THE BUOYS ARE BIGGER AND MORE POWERFUL THAN THEY WERE IN THE LAST 36 HOURS!  120 Mile Buoy hit 9.5 feet at 11 seconds (strongest period yet for this swell),  and the 20 mile buoy hit 6.6 feet at 11 seconds, also bigger and stronger than anything today or yesterday, and the reading I just listed was for 8:50 PM Wednesday night!

Today, was almost Epic! Plenty of 100 yard rides to be had, with lots of power.  And yes, there were plenty of entertaining close-outs, but you could let many of them pass by with good judgement 🙂  The almost perfect form, size and power, did not really kick in until around 10:00 AM.   After 10, size climbed a foot on the face size, and the power increased significantly!

The Video below, is a good example of the form we had today, though the size was perhaps, a foot bigger today for Hurricane Cristobal. (The Video is actually from a November 23, 2012 shoot that I did in Satellite Beach)  I just wanted to share how nice the form looked and worked today.

Thursday morning, we should expect the same size as today, if not 6 inches bigger, and I believe the power will be 20% more punch on Thursday.  Why?  The period of the swell increases overnight.  The winds are expected to be 3 to 5 mph onshore E to NE, but again, we could have an hour or so of offshore winds.  Either way, it should be pretty good form and long rides Thursday!

Friday, size drops to waist high with light onshore winds, which will give the NKF Rich Salick Pro/Am Surf Festival/contest something to make it worthwhile to have a contest.