Wednesday 6:30 PM (Feb. 29) Surf Report/Update, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (February 29 2012 posted)

Thursday morning……………….

Man, this is a tough one.  I may screw this call up, but here’s the way I see it and step out on a limb 🙂

The swell to our east that we have had, appears to have a “part 2”, haha.  This part two,  which by the huge Atlantic sea chart shows that there is enough fetch, and a 9 to 11 second period strength of the swell that is to roll in tonight sometime after dark.  It indicates a 3 to 3.5 foot swell at 9 seconds to our beaches and there has been no change in the twice daily typical Ocean data updates that says this will not happen.  So,

At daybreak to noon,  it still looks like we should have thigh high waves,  and this swell appears to be doing better at low tide than mid-tide with high going low.  When I looked down South in Satellite Beach today, 2 hours after high tide, yeah the winds were stiff, 12 to 15 onshore, but there were thigh high sets coming in at my two favorite limestone/coquina breaks 🙂

Thursday, So my reduced  call is knee high at the Cape with some thigh high bigger sets and glassy with  SSW winds to some SW in the 7 to 10 mph range until maybe 11 AmSatellite Beach,  thigh to waist high, with 7 to 9 mph SW winds until 10 or 11 then turning SSW to South.

Not to be purposely negative ha, but the winds turn offshore by midnight tonight and in the 10 mph SSW range,  so I don’t think it will blow it flat,  but I’ll give it a 40 % chance of really fun waves Thursday, and 60% not.

I won’t talk about Friday until I see Thursday.  Friday is showing increased swell strength and the push from a NE swell a little and greater push from this East swell, but we’ll just have to see the buoy at the 120 tonight and then Thursday night.

Thus endeth my novel 😉