Wednesday night Surf Update (Feb 15) 11:30 PM for possible thigh high waves Thursday AM, How the Waves were Sunday late afternoon, with a longer title to this on Thursday when I finish ;( (February 15 2012 posted)

Thursday there is a 52.7 % chance of having some thigh high glassy waves on Thursday, but I believe down South mostly or only.  South Cocoa Beach to Satellite.  If the 120 buoy will provide us something like 3 to  3 1/2 feet, we may have a weak little ground swell.  Winds should be SSW to S in the 6 to 8 mph range down South until 10 ish.  Yeah, I like sticking my nose out 😉   I’m an optimist about swells and wind, the whole thing about gut feeling.

This past Sunday, I paddled out in Satellite Beach, and it was real fun rib high mostly, semi-glass waves with some fairly lengthy shoulders.  Only 2 of us out. 4:00 afternoon, the winds were still howling around 16 North, air temp was 52 with a chill factor of 48, which I confess cut right thru my springsuit, but at least the water felt like a space heater at 68 🙂

The other guy came up with his wife, and he had a great session too, riding a 7’10.

I’ll finish this puppy on Thursday.  Hope ya had a good day.