Waist to Chest high and glassy surf Friday morning, with swell dropping quick after 9-10 AM. Posted Thursday 5:05 PM , January 29 2015

A one day swell, and then another rolls in!  But Friday morning looks to be waist to chest high and west winds in the 6-8 mph range.  Should be almost a ground swell, at least at the 120 mile buoy it is, so we should have some decent lines.  Even if it’s just peaks, waist to chest and glassy is good!

The Big Ground Swell hit our beaches around 6 PM tonight! Thursday and Friday morning is looking real fun. Wednesday , January 14 10:00 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 01/14/2015)

It’s been nice having a fun wind swell the last few days, and even had some power at RC’s of course and the Pier.  I had a blast at the pier Tuesday morning ! But now we have a Ground swell for Thursday and Friday.  My apologies, I still haven’t been able to process the Video for the 5-8 foot face glassy day of our 7 day NE’ster swell the last part of December.

Thursday our 4 feet at 11 second period swell should bring some solid chest to head high waves, with some overhead drops on the bigger sets.  The winds report is a little confusing, because 2 models right now oppose each other.  The models are calling for North winds.  But my call, is NNW winds at daybreak in the 8-12 mph range and should increase to 16 by early afternoon.  I believe it will stay NNW most of the day.  Satellite Beach will be sideshore w maybe 5 degree offshore for a couple hours.

Friday, the swell size drops to 3.5 feet at 11 seconds, but I suspect Friday will be the big day anyhow. Or biggest, and certainly, the most glassy day, and glass jacks up size.  Chest to Head high plus at the Pier with maybe some 1 foot overhead drops, and Satellite should see the same with a greater chance of a few overhead drops.  We have NW winds for a few hours in the morning, but don’t get cocky, the winds turn NNW probably by 11 am in Satellite which is sideshore.  This is the perfect swell for Satellite.  But the Pier should also be awesome, and glassier than down south.  So pick your poison.  Either way, we should have 2 fun days of surf.

Oh, and don’t forget, bring gloves on Friday.  Air temp will be in the 52-56 degree range most of the day, with a wind chill around 3 degrees, so it will feel like 50 until around 11 or 12, then the temp pops up just a little over 60.

Enjoy, should be some power and lots of fun!

Oldwaverider (Art)

Friday morning is looking rib to chest high and glassy, not a ground swell but close, and fun! Thursday Swell still on Track! – Thursday , January 8 11:15 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 01/08/2015)

Short for now 🙂  Friday morning looking rib to chest high and glassy Friday morning with WNW winds in the 4 -7 mph range.  The winds will be offshore earlier in the morning down  South in Satellite Beach.  Also, this swell is so steep as a NE swell, 24 ° today, and 40 plus degrees Friday, so my guess, is the Cape won’t even look like there’s waves hardly.  The pier may or may not even hit waist high.

Satellite Beach or at least second light may be necessary to get where the swell is not blocked out by the Cape.

Swell drops fast in size all day, and is biggest Friday before Noon.