Strong groundswell piggybacking the windswell we just had the last two days. Posted 11 PM Tuesday night, 02/22/2015

Strong groundswell piggybacking the windswell we just had the last two days.  7-8 foot ground swell hits 120 buoy, and just hit 6 feet at 12 seconds,at the 20 mile buoy at 9:50 PM.  The winds are over 20mph at the 120 blowing west, so we’ll just have to see if it holds the swell back, or if it fully comes in 🙂

The winds show to be 2-4 mph NNW switching around to East, and not increasing until 11 AM or so.

It’s worth doing dawn patrol to catch some chest high glass again.


Tuesday will be bigger than Monday, and now offshore! Monday Night, February 23, 9:15 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/23/2015)

Today the swell definitely dragged it’s feet coming in, but I did get some awesome South CCB thigh to rib high 50 to 100 yard peelers and not bad on closeouts either, you could pick walls that held up.  With brisk 12 -15 mph West winds.  The lefts were really nice, and actually some were throwing even right.  Lots of fun. But……………………….  Tuesday ;

Yes, Tuesday is now looking solid offshore, and I believe Rib high plus at the Cape, some Chest high sets at the Pier, and some Chest to Shoulder high sets in Satellite Beach!  Winds, start WNW at daybreak 2-4 mph , Sweet!  By Noon, may 6-8 mph WSW, and it may push up to 10-12 plus in the afternoon swinging around W to NW late afternoon.

Get excited!  This is a surprise and a Gift 🙂


Monday should be waist to chest high and glassy! Sunday , February 22, 7:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/22/2015)

The windswell/almost groundswell, starts to hit the beaches by 12 am to 3 am, as it appears.  The period of the swell looks like it covers the coast by 6-9 am, so it is my hope and belief, that Monday, we should have some waist high waves at the Pier and glassy, and some rib to chest high sets in Satellite Beach by 9 am.  Winds are SW at daybreak, turning WSW, and as the swell strengthens and increases in the afternoon, the winds turn onshore.

An April 2013 swell at 4rth street north, My buddy Mike Melito.  This may be the size we have by late morning Monday.

Good Chance of really fun waves Monday! Saturday night 10:30 PM Surf Update!

I’m exploring brevity tonight 🙂

Yeah, it does appear that Sunday could have an hour of glass and something waist to maybe chest high during that hour, but Monday is a stronger swell, and maybe a few hour window for glass in the morning.  4 feet at 9 or 10 seconds should bring a shoulder high face or two down south, and we should get a good hit up North here!  The swell is coming from the direct East, so the blockage should be as bad as it was with the last swell, not even close.

Tuesday looks like it could also be fun with similar size as Monday, if the winds get a little more favorable.

“COLD AS ICE” Video, Well, “Cold and Nice” actually, Video, from the Big Day at Hightowers from Thursday, February 12, 2015, (posted 02/14/2015)

Video from the Big Day, 8 foot to Double Overhead Faces from Thursday at Hightowers.  Big ENE Swell, around 10 AM in the morning.

Video of Paul at Hightowers today, a nice Coverup and Exit! 8 foot to double overhead EPIC waves today! Friday should be fun but NNW Winds, Thursday , February 12, 9:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/12/2015)

Today was none other than epic in Satellite Beach!  8 foot to double overhead faces, I have lots of Video footage.  Some Awesome talent out there today 🙂

Surf update, below video!  It was amazing the difference today between the Pier which was rib high this morning at 6:45, and in Satellite Beach it was 10 foot plus faces at 7:15, turning double overhead by 9 or 10 AM

Video below of a guy Paul that I met on a nice 8-9 foot face or so, with a nice Coverup, and working the wall!

Paul’s Coverup on a Nice 8 foot to Double Overhead Day from Art Hansen on Vimeo.

A double Overhead ride below, same day, same time:

Friday, should be chest high plus at the Cape or Pier, and probably 1 to 2 foot overhead plus in Satellite Beach.  The winds are looking NNW in the 8 to 15 mph range, so surfing North of 4rth street North is your best bet.  NNW is onshore in Satellite Beach.  Still, should be fun waves!

Saturday should be chest to shoulder high, North going South respectively with more direct offshore winds 🙂

I will be producing a Video from the 70 video clips I shot today of the Awesome talent at Hightowers.

Epic Waves still on track for Thursday! 13 second period swell in the morning! Wednesday , February 11, 6:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/11/2015)

Will it be big?  Yeah.  The winds are blowing NNW at the 20 mile and 120 buoy, but I will say a prayer, that the winds don’t hold the swell back!

If it comes in fully,  expect the same as I shared yesterday.   Thursday, 6-9 foot faces at the Pier, and possible bigger sets, (the angle of swell will block the Cape and the Pier some),  but in Satellite Beach and Indialantic, we should see 9-12 foot faces with some bigger sets.  Winds should be offshore at daybreak, around 4-6 mph West, and increasing about 1 mph per hour for each hour, throughout the day.

It will be 47 degrees at daybreak, but climb to 60 before Noon.  Wear gloves!  I will 🙂


Surfing Video from December big swell, plus, Thursday (2/12) looking Massive, Glassy and … Cold ! Tuesday , February 10, 12:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/10/2015)

What should Thursday bring?  See the Video of the 2nd big day (smaller than the day before), of the big Nor-easter we had December 11th, in Satellite Beach down below!

The models show 7-7.5 feet at 13 seconds which means, 8 to 12 foot faces, possibly plus, in Satellite Beach.  If the winds are low, as says they should be at daybreak, then the swell should fully come in.  If they are hard offshore, then as we saw the delay with Gonzalo and a few other swells, they can take an extra day to come in, or get blown apart a bit.

Wednesday will have some size kicking in with some very strong NNW winds switching North as the size builds thru the day, but I shall wait for Thursday, when it’s 48 in the morning, LOL 🙂

Thursday morning should be 6-8 foot faces at the Pier with bigger sets, and 8-12 foot faces in Satellite Beach with bigger sets.  Winds show offshore, West winds around 4-6 mph, and increasing all day, up to 20 plus mph, so get out early! (4rth day of the models have said this, and when the models hold up for 3 or 4 days, they usually materialize)

Friday looks like strong North winds, still huge, and maybe blowing offshore NNW to NW later in the day.

Saturday looks rib to chest high and offshore and lots of fun.

The video below is from the 2nd biggest day of the 7 day Northeast swell we had the 1st and 2nd week of December.  This video was shot 12/11/2014, around 10 Am to 12 Pm.  The soundtrack is from a band called “Guerrilla Jazz”, from Maui, Hawaii.  The song is called “One Day We’ll Be Gone”. Billy Kemper, a big wave surfer in Hawaii, has a cousin or relative in the band.  Four or so years ago, this video below mine, was done with Laird Hamilton mentoring Billy, along with Ian Walsh.