Cape Canaveral surf report update, Tuesday night (12/21/2010)

Another fine day at Perkins, Nov - Dec 2009, taken by a friend.
Another fine day at Perkins, Nov - Dec 2009, taken by a friend.

Today was pretty awesome at Officer’s Club. I checked the pier, and it was a little small, so I went a little down south to O Club.  I paddled out 3 hours after high tide, should have got out an hour before, but it was still pretty glassy.

It was waist high with occasional bigger sets, and some really long longboard rides to be had. I took 5 really fun rides, and 30 minutes, I was pretty stoked. I had a lot to do today, so 5 great rides made the trip worth it!

Well, if you read last nites post, we had a bigger swell coming in for Wednesday morning. Now it shrunk a bit, and what scares me is the strong offshore winds tonight that may push it away from our beach.

It is a very strong period swell, but that doesn’t promise anything. If it does hit the beach. I believe the best we will see is waist high waves down south, and hopefully something big enough to ride here in the Cape.

Hey, at least, the time to get out is 10 AM (2 hrs past high tide so its high going low). This gives us, a nice sun to drench us, and 62 to 65 air temp by that time.

I believe there will be something fun and rideable.

Have a great day.


2009 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Highlights

As most of my friends know, I’m fanatical about watching big wave surfing, awards, etc. This video is the 2009 Billabong XXL Awards highlights. I still want to post the 2010, especially since the 2011 hit the mid-year point.

It’s interesting to see how guys like Greg Long from California and Grant “Twiggy” Baker from S. Africa show up in all the finals. And Greg Long was the one who edged out Kelly Slater at the very last minute for the “Eddie” award. Kelly Slater would have won it twice (never done), and two back to back contests for the “Eddie”.

Anyhow, I hope ya’ll enjoy this video.