Cape Canaveral surf report update, from Saturday and Sunday (12/10 and 12/11/2010)

Friday morning (12/10/10), the waves were a perfect longboard, chest high, pretty chilly, but awesome.  I checked out the pier, and it was thigh to waist-high, and figured for the cold, I head to the Satellite Beach rock breaks.

There were 2 other guys out, I joined em, and we had plenty of waves, even at high tide.

Saturday, a buddy of mine came from Lakeland, and we looked at Johnson, and it was waist to chest, and actually barreling pretty nicely.  But it looked like a lot of close-outs.   So we went down to Hangers, and it was solid head high, with an ocassional 1 foot plus overhead.  Throwing really hard, awesome shoulders, definitely some close-outs, but you could judge them coming, and let em pass on by.

Awesome head high day !

Most intense wave ever ridden…still, Laird Hamilton, 2000

This is my favorite video of all time.  Every Teahupoo wave and video , and every Peahi, Chile, Ireland, Mavericks wave I have seen since this, still does not compare to Laird Hamilton’s famous 2000 ride.

It’s a great editorial that goes with it.  Enjoy!