Overhead waves Wednesday, Hurricane Katia update, Surf Report Tuesday night (at 9:15 PM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted September 06, 2011)

It never hit more than 6 feet something at the 120 buoy last night (Tuesday nite, its 5:24 AM Wednesday now), it did hit 8.5 feet at the 20 mile buoy but that means nothing if the 120 never delivered the size to the 20 mile buoy.  It’s not near enough to give us 3 to 4 foot overhead waves, if we didn’t have even larger waves hit the 120, like say 10 or 12 feet out there.  The winds were South to SSW last night at the 120 which on weaker swells could hold it back from coming in to us,  but I don’t see how this stopped a hurricane swell in the 14 to 15  second period range.  But it did.  I’ll go check the waves at 6:30 or so, but I imagine the best we’ll see is chest high at the Cape and slight overhead down south.

GET EXCITED THOUGH.  Okay, it won’t be huge, but…………we still get awesome waves for today thru possibly Friday.  The winds will be west in some angle of another, SW sometime today, moving to maybe NW on Friday, but hey,  chest high to slight overhead is GREATTTTTTTTTTTTT!   My apologies for the pessimism of no 3 to 4 foot overhead stuff.  We got lots of fun waves here 🙂

Anyhow,  We may see overhead waves down south, but I don’t see how it could hit 3 to 4 feet overhead when it never hit even 10 or 12 feet at the 120.  We’ll see;  I imagine it still has to be head high or slight overhead anyhow.

Below continues my update from last night, from before the 120 did its thing or not, last night.

Wednesday morning, high tide around 4 AM, high going low is real good, mid-tide around 7 AM,  anyhow, Cape size ought to be chest high to head high as it builds a little thru the day, not much.  What’s not good is SSW winds in the morning.  That’s total side-shore winds, but if it’s closer to SW then we may have a few degrees offshore.

It may break head high, but this one is very difficult to call,  (yeah I know, I’m stretching my neck here 😉        My best guess would be 3 to 4 foot overhead in Satellite Beach on the bigger sets.   If this storm is as powerful as they hint it to be (they being meteorologists that tout the size fetch of this storm, and its a higher period swell than all but Bill which was 900 miles off the coast with)  we’ll see.

Satellite is looking to have SW winds from like 2 to 10 AM, which is perfect for their angle.  The Cape is showing SSW winds until 9 AM and then switching to SW.    SW isn’t even good for us, SSW is less user friendly.  In the 8 to 12 mph range.

Anyhow we’ll see, I’ll probably fill in more tomorrow.