Surf Report Friday morning added to Thursday nights 8:00 PM report , 1 week till Cape Canaveral Friday Fest Street party, food, artists, kid rides, etc., and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Thursday September 29, 2011 and Friday 9/30/11)


Saturday night a new ground swell rolls in with some pretty substantial onshore winds…but, Sunday morning at daybreak,  size should be stomach to shoulder high depending on your spot.   The winds at the Cape look to be offshore around 10 mph NNW, so that should be a no brainer as to where the best place to surf would be based on winds.  Sunday should be fun, granted NNW at 10, don’t necessarily mean mirror glass, but it does mean glass for the Cape 🙂

The winds could hold Sunday until Noon or 1 PM,  so you can still thank God and surf in the same morning;  however you choose to do that is your call 😉

Okay, Monday, still looks like decreasing size with strong onshore slop, but we won’t know for sure until Saturday morning. (we can only call winds 48 hours or less before the surf time )

Tuesday looks like another swell starts rolling in from the E and slight NE and by Wednesday mid-day it gets big with big onshore winds.  It looks like Thursday the big gets bigger with a few feet overhead in size with 15 to 25 mph ENE winds, depending on surfing South or at the Cape maybe shoulder high.

No indication on any offshore wind day for that yet, but since it is a windswell and not a ground swell, it may only be a 3 to 6 hour window of offshore winds for that swell.

I am going to copy and paste this forecast into one later today, that will include a photo gallery of brother Chad from Day one of Maria here at the Cape.

Until later today,  have a nice few hours 🙂

They don't have any pictures of the beautiful 3 choice draft beer and wind trailer, but just so you know, the Fest is Kid friendly :)
They don't have any pictures of the beautiful 3 choice draft beer and wind trailer, but just so you know, the Fest is Kid friendly 🙂

Oh, Don’t forget, next Friday is our Cape Canaveral Friday Fest,  so you get to support our local Artists, Vendors, public schools when you buy their draft beer at the beer-booth 🙂

The next Friday Fest is scheduled for October 7th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Activities will include a variety of food vendors, an assortment of novelty & craft vendors, children’s activities including bounce houses, a giant slide & a rock climbing wall, live entertainment along with beer & wine.

Live entertainment will include “Mo Geetz” on Taylor Avenue & “Lonnie & Delinda” on Poinsetta Avenue.

The fun will take place on Taylor Avenue & Pointsetta Avenue.

We have a Southeast swell coming in Saturday night and Sunday morning, bringing strong onshore winds with no visible sign of the winds turning offshore.  It just kind of goes from an incoming ground swell to a lingering windswell (go figure ;).

Sunday should have some size to it, ranging from waist to chest high plus depending on where you surf, but it will be strong onshore winds only.

By Monday the size weakens and then starts to increase Tuesday thru Wednesday, still with strong onshore winds, and with a very low swell period.  So for Tuesday thru Thursday, don’t expect long lines.

Funny thing is, we will still have waves that are rideable, it’s just I am spoiled from all these epic Hurricane Waves with offshore winds.   But I don’t see a dryspell for waves by any means 🙂

A week out, it also looks like another big swell will be coming in, more on that in a day or two.

I will be posting some photo galleries in the next few days,  I’ve been swamped workwise, so my apologies for not getting them up sooner.

Have a great Friday 🙂