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Today, was the best waves I surfed all year, better than the February 12 double overhead swell;  Why?  Because from 7 to 9, the form was perfect, it was top to bottom, all got barrels, and there were plenty of 100 plus yard rides for short board and long board.

Friday morning, I believe will be chest to head high, with some 1 to 2 foot overhead drops.  I belive the winds will be NNW to maybe, just maybe NW offshore from daybreak till around 8:30 AM  . If it is NW, the Satellite Beach will be the best .  If its NNW or North, than north Cocoa Beach, north of the South streets.  North and NNW is onshore for Satellite Beach

The swell is powerful, as you could see some 2 foot overhead drops by 6 PM tonight.