Thursday night Surf Report 9:15 PM for Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, Friday set for overhead and glassy waves at daybreak in Satellite, huge next swell rolls in Saturday, Friday Fest November 4rth plus Air Show, Still looking at Overhead Waves for the Next Week likely, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Thursday November 03, 2011)

Hurricane Ophelia wave, the unknown Gator Girl (U of F colors:), I shot this on Johnson AVe.  Hopefully we'll have something close to this in size Friday.
Hurricane Ophelia wave, the unknown Gator Girl (U of F colors:), I shot this on Johnson AVe. Hopefully we'll have something close to this in size Friday.

The power of this ground swell hit 15 seconds at the 120 a couple times today in the 10 foot range between noon and 7 PM!

The Cape will have glass, but we may have daybreak morning sickness (sort of), cause we may have SSW winds until 7 Am ish.  That’s sideshore for us.   But by 9 Am we ought to start seeing some glass, hopefully before.  Low tide is around 9:30 Am.

Satellite Beach is aimed perfect for SW winds before daybreak and that’s total offshore there.  They should see some 1 foot overhead perfect glass waves, but by 9 or 10 it drops down to head high; who’s complaining?  The Cape,  I am praying that we will have stomach to chest high shoulders (some shoulder high faces), but a few chest high shoulders ought to roll thru. This swell had like a 70° angle which is more East than NE, so that’s why we got some good size waves today, and though dropping, we ought to have some really nice waves Friday.

The winds are gonna kick up fast. 2 days ago, it was looking to be 5 to 8 mph, but now it’s looking 10 mph SSW at daybreak, and SW winds by 8 Am, so it may take till 9 or 10 Am to turn mirror glass.  By 10 Am, we could be seeing some 15 mph winds so don’t sleep in late or you’ll be taking a wind spray shower in the FACE!

Saturday morning late the new swell starts hitting the beach while the old one leave.  Before lunch it should be overhead down South, 20 mph plus onshore winds, and by dinner, some 10 foot faces South, and hopefully chest high to head high at the Cape.  This swell angle is like 52 ° which means the Cape gets blocked out a bunch.  We’ll just have to see how much we get.  Because the storm is massive, we should get some head high stuff but not double overhead like Satellite Beach will see on the huge set waves Sunday.  (hah, like who is gonna paddle out into 10 foot plus chop slop and actually make it out?  🙂

Anyhow, I’m going to bed 🙂

Wednesday morning 10 Am Surf Report for Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, Friday still looking potentially epic, Andy Irons 1 year video, Saturday close to epic, Sunday potential for glass up North and pushing …almost double overhead, Billabong XXL Awards 2012 mid-year highlights video, Cape Canaveral Friday Fest November 4rth, Still looking at Overhead Waves for the Next Week likely, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Wednesday November 02, 2011)

I try to keep the Titles of my posts brief and to the point…;)

What can I say?  A lot of stuff going on, such as my OBSESSION WITH BIG WAVE VIDEOS, when YouTube and/or release the Mid-Year highlites for the Billabong XXL Awards (2012 now) I gotta put that one on the front 🙂

Surf report update in a minute…

In case y’all don’t get to keep up with the contests on the regular normal wave ASP tour,  or keep up with the XXL Big Wave tour, this has been a record year for the world’s great big wave surf breaks.  Teahupoo (of whom our local legend Kelly Slater won the ASP event),  and the fact that he skipped the J-Bay event offering 6 foot waves in order to catch some 30 to 40 foot plus tow in surf at Fiji for the epic 50 year storm, 49 foot swell on the charts,  that swept into the Tasman Sea.   That storm hammered  Australia, and brought the most incredible waves to Cloudbreak, Restaurants  and Tavarua Fiji.

As I mentioned in previous posts,  Kelly skipped the J-Bay event and got the best warm up session in Fiju that probably gave him more confidence to nail it at the Teahupoo ASP event where they had to shut down the event, and let the tow in guys have fun, until the waves hit a normal 10 to 15 foot for the regular contest event.  (not like he really needed confidence, but surfing Teahupoo  takes more character than any other surf break on the planet, not diminishing Mavericks in any way 🙂

Okay, the long wind ceases, surf in Brevard………………….

Today (Wednesday)a foot or so overhead in Satellite Beach and chest high plus at the Cape. (probably a few head high sets here at the Cape).  The winds should be in the 10 to 15 mph NE direction, so right at dead high tide (around 2 PM),  you can catch the easiest paddle out,  the cleanest time of day for the faces,  the best shoulders while it is high tide.

Thursday, probably a foot bigger down South maybe some 2 foot overhead waves, and with a lot more power because the ground swell rolls in after midnight Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  We ought to see some head high waves at the Cape, and the winds ought to be mild onshore, like 5 to 6 mph NE all day.   So it could be real fun Thursday.

Friday, still looks like the epic day!  Head high to maybe a foot or so overhead in Satellite Beach and solid chest high plus at the Cape.  The swell does drop off a bit late Friday but not much. If the wind models hold out, it looks to be 4 to 6 mph offshore winds out of the West to SW.  Yowwwwwwww!!!

Saturday,  a new swell piggybacks the departing Friday swell with strong North to NNW winds, probably 15 to 25 mph.  but it could be head high and semi-glass up North in the morning, and by dinner time, we may be seeing some 8 to 10 foot faces down South.

Sunday morning ought to have some large sets come in with 8 foot faces at the Cape, and probably some 10 foot plus faces down South.  But the winds (as a guess out of the 48 hour window),  are looking to be NNW and over 20 mph, but it could be really sweet at the Pier and the Jetties.

I don’t see any drop in swells for a week out,  so eat well, bring a rash guard at least for Friday morning, because it may be around 62 to 64 degrees in the morning, not cold, but with the water temp lingering only about 2 degrees above spring water temps, it may be a little chilly.

Get excited, and don’t forget about the Cape Canaveral Friday Fest Street Party.  Here is their info below:

The next Friday Fest is scheduled for November 4th from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Activities will include a variety of food vendors, an assortment of novelty & craft vendors, children’s activities including bounce houses, a giant slide & games, live entertainment along with beer & wine.

Live entertainment will feature “Entasy” on Taylor Avenue & “Lonnie & Delinda” on Poinsetta Avenue.

The fun will take place on Taylor Avenue & Poinsetta Avenue.

I do need to add one more  video link here.  Andy Irons, one year has passed.  I could quote some of what they say, but just check it out here.