Memorial Service for Babe Featherman today in Cape Canaveral, Thursday, January 28 2016

In Memory of Babe Featherman, who loved Jesus Christ - January 28 2016, Memorial Service, Christ Lutheran Church, Cape Canaveral
In Memory of Babe Featherman, who loved Jesus Christ – January 28 2016, Memorial Service, Christ Lutheran Church, Cape Canaveral

Do you remember that Smiling, Always upbeat face, sitting in her scooter on the crosswalk of Johnson Avenue, at entrance to the beach of Cape Canaveral?

With that Auburn Red hair, and dark almost leather tanned skin, from love of soaking up the Sun’s rays almost every day.

Babe loved Jesus Christ, and always bounced back.  When she broke many bones 3 or 4 years ago putting up Christmas Decorations after falling from a stool or ladder, at around the age of 90, or just shy of, Babe beat all the odds that her Doctors and Therapists said about the likelihood of her recovering 🙂

Babe not only recovered, but in less than 6 months, her friend Dan drove her to the beach each day, and She was back in her motorized chair soaking up the rays, reading her paper and magazines, and always happy to talk to any surfers or beachgoers headed to the sand.  She and her late Husband Paul, owned the bowling alley years ago on SR 520 in Cocoa Beach, for those of you that might remember that.

Babe beat the odds in many ways.  She was once, caught up in a Tornado, and lifted up high into the sky, as I understand it, and she was graciously placed back down.  I may add to this brief story of our friend, should I learn anything new today.

Her husband Paul, passed away in 2010, and Babe decided to embrace life another 5 or 6 years.

Whenever I went for my jog on the beach, or to do a surf session at the end of the street, Babe was always enthusiastic about whatever it was you were doing.  She loved people, and she loved life.  Even amidst the many challenges and tragedies that she faced throughout her life, she was always smiling, and a deep smile, not a quick placed one.

Her funeral is today, at 11 AM at Christ Lutheran Church.  She will be missed here in Cape Canaveral.  She has already been missed at the beach, and at church, as she has been in permanent care this last year, as her body started winding down.

I think it’s kind of awesome, that Babe’s Memorial service is also on the 30 year anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger.  Babe was very loved, and I do wish I had spend time seeing her in therapy, but , her memory will be a nice offset for the Space Shuttle loss.

Pastor Greg said the last words that he heard out of her mouth, was that she loved Jesus, and she did, she made that very clear 🙂

Those words about Christ were I believe, the last words she shared. <><


Fun waves for Sunday I believe, plus a Baby’s first barrel surfing video. And don’t forget the third annual Beach ‘N Boards Fest in Cocoa Beach – Posted Saturday, March 14 2015 at 2:20 PM

Sunday still looks like waist to maybe chest high (probably down south only), with W winds in the 3-6 mph range until maybe 11 am then NNW to NE by Noon or so.  The swell drops thru the day, so the best plan, is to hit first light around 7 AM.  High tide is around 3:38 AM in Cocoa Beach and 3:53 AM in Satellite Beach.  High going low at 6:53 is a perfect mid-tide time to go.

Also, check out the video this Dad made, with his Baby’s first barrel surfing 🙂

BodyBoarding 101 from jorge tirado on Vimeo.

Check out the full article on the baby surfer here.  John John Florence said his Mom took him out on her board when he was around 6 months old 🙂

Also, the 3rd Annual Beach and Boards Fest sponsored by Ron Jon Surf Shop is at Shepard Park, which means, much easier parking than other places. Check out the scoop on the Fest here.

Final Video of Epic surf in Satellite Beach from Saturday morning of Hurricane Gonzalo :) Posted 12:00 PM Wednesday morning, 10/29/2014

Saturday Morning and Hurricane Gonzalo was so Epic at day break, when most of the Walls were peeling fast but makeable.  Saturday, October 18 2014 that is.  Not until 9:30 Am or so, did it be come more challenging to choose a wave 🙂  The video below is the second and probably last long one from Gonzalo.  I shot about 250 clips that day, 150 in Satellite and 100 at the Pier. (Note: the video is still uploading at YouTube and should be done by 1:30 PM or before)

Those of you that were there at our Awesome Rock Break in Satellite Beach, know who you are, and where this was shot.  Thanks for all your great surfing, and footage for me to devour!

And I would like to note, that the biggest wall/wave that came in, was caught by a young lady, and she made the most perfect drop (the wave was peeling fast, but perfect), and I may slow motion that clip by itself, to upload to at the Satellite Beach location, where I have most of my photos and videos posted.

So I had to toss a couple barrels in here in kind of a slow motion (yeah I did take two from last video),  just to show the insides of the barrel, and this one guy with an excellent off the lip on an Epic wave in form and size.

There were quite a few 10 foot faces to show that morning, though the common sets were 6-8 foot faces.  The video is about 4 minutes long, and I did it in 1080P, cause the 720P version annoyed me, LOL 🙂


Oh, and we do have 3 -5 days of big chop surf coming by Sunday night, Monday morning.

And there is a Surf contest at Spessard Holland Park in Melbourne Beach for Groms, by Gnarly Charlie!.  Details are here:

Have a Great Hump Day folks, and let me know what you think of video!

Oldwaverider (Art)

Tropical Storm Cristobal Update plus the NKF Labor Day Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach Pier August 29 through September 1, 2014

Will we see Tropical Storm Cristobal Monday morning?  Yep!

It hit the 120 mile buoy at 12 Noon today, around 3 feet at 10 seconds, and just hit 4.6 feet at 11 seconds at 6:50 PM reading.  At 8 am this morning, the swell that was out there was 2.3 feet at 6 or 7 seconds.

Monday morning, it should be around waist high, because the winds will be onshore, but maybe under 10 mph up until 8 am, then pickup up to 10 to 15 mph my guess by noon.  It most likely will be raining with thunder storms around in the morning too. By Monday at 6 PM, it should be solid head high down south, maybe overhead, and chest to shoulder high at the Pier.  Tuesday, size should jack up another foot on the fact, with head high onshore chop at the pier with bigger sets, and head high to a foot or two overhead down south.

Wednesday morning should be shoulder to head high with 8 to 12 mph onshore winds, with the winds possibly backing off a little all day.  So , if you can get out, wait till 9:30 or 10 (high tide at 9:30), and catch it to mid tide high going low, with the winds slowing down a bit.  Swell size starts to drop after 3 or 4 pm, as the models show right now.  Wednesday should be a lot of fun.

Thursday, size drops off quite a bit, but still may have some chest high waves with even lighter onshore winds, like 4 to 8 mph, so it should be lots of fun Thursday.   Friday should have some fun leftovers for the Surf contest, in the waist high plus range, light onshores, maybe offshore early.  Saturday, will most likely be longboard only with offshore winds.

We’ll post more accurate winds Monday night to see what to expect for Wednesday.  All these forecasts could change if the storm weakens, picks up speed.  (disclaimer done 🙂

Want something to do next weekend?  Here ya go,  the NKF Labor Day Surf Festival, and here is a screenshot of the website, check out all the events! Follow the link to check it out at their website here:


29th Annual NKF (National Kidney Foundation) Rich Salick Pro/Am Surf Festival at Cocoa Beach Pier and other locations

Tropical Storm Bertha has been named for our Tuesday Swell, for Tuesday, August 5 2014, stomach high ground swell? , August 01 2014 Surf report at 1:36 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , posted 08/01/2014

Doe Tuesday still look like the day?  Yeah

TS-Bertha-Monday-08-04-14-at-3PM-Magicseeweed-printscreen-08-01-14Tropical Storm Bertha as you can see, I did a printscreen shot of the storm captured at 3 PM on Monday.   And the next yellow icon of the storm is Tuesday Pm like 5 or 6 PM.   Well,  a general rule of thumb, is when a Hurricane or Tropical Storm has passed Brevard County by 100 miles or so, that is when the winds turn offshore.   That also depends how far off the coast the storm is, and how big (miles across the Fetch) it is.

Anyhow, this is why the models show offshore winds Tuesday AM , at daybreak till noon or so.  High tide is at 2:36 AM for CCB/Cape,  so that’s a good thing, for dawn patrolers and Rock scrapers.

Size for Tuesday AM,  should be in the stomach to chest high  if the period of the swell remains at 10 seconds.  Winds for 4 days running now in the models show offshore.  Sunday night, the 48 hour window, then gives me a more accurate  reading, and I will post the winds then.  By the way, if the storm increased in intensity, and the period jumped up to 12 seconds,  then size would go up most likely by a couple feet on the face.

If you want to follow the Accu-weather tracking animation/charts, check out our Tracking page here on Monday and Tuesday A.M..

Don’t forget about Friday Fest tonight at the Cape tonight from 6-10 PM.  The Cape website didn’t say who the Live band is this month, so your guess is as good as mine 🙂

Have a Great Friday!


Tuesday, August 5, could we have a tasty and powerful stomach high ground swell? , July 30 2014 Surf report at 10:25 AM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , posted 7/30/2014

Do we have a Powerful Ground Swell approaching next week?   You Bet!

The size of the swell waves may not be big, but we do have a chance at having Powerful Period  with waist to stomach high waves?  Why?  Look at the Period chart image.  (2nd image)

Moving swell chart frozen for Tuesday , August 5 2014 at 6 AM, thanks to's nice model version. The swell is coming from the Southeast (Caribbean),  and even though it only shows 2 to 3 foot swell waves, the fetch of the period is what excites me. (fetch is the distance in miles that a swell stretches from Point A to Point B, if u will)   And the fetch is a lot wider than the distance from Key West to Cape Cod as the crow flies.  And what I really like, is how uniform and thick the bands of the swell period are shown in the color changes.

Anyhow, we’ll see what happens.

NOTE: I just added the line so those, new to surf charting jargon like fetch, could see the visual.  I don’t mean to insult the Intelligence of the rest of you 🙂

And yes, the swell looks like it may be closer to chest high, even with 2-5 mph onshore winds Tuesday afternoon.  If the models hold up 🙂  And Wednesday, or the following day, could be solid offshore glass in the 3 foot at 9 second range, which could easily be stomach to chest high or better in Satellite anyhow !

Moving Period chart frozen for Tuesday , August 5 2014 at 6 AM, thanks to's nice model version.

Video of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review 2011-2013 will be live January 1st 2014 ! and more waves coming :)

THREE YEARS IN REVIEW VIDEO  of Johnson Avenue Surfers will be live on January 1st, 2014, yeah tomorrow 🙂

My apologies for not sharing any reports for the last couple of swells we have had;  as Y’all know, my main focus, is to share the Awesome Talent and Efforts, of those that surf from around the Neighborhood, by catching them on Camera or Video.  This may be at the end  of our street, the Jetty, the Cocoa Beach Pier, Satellite Beach and anywhere in between.

Screenshot capture of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review Video - December 2013
Screenshot capture of Johnson Avenue Surfers 3 Years in Review Video – December 2013

It’s taken me 70 or so hours to compile this baby, so that’s why I’ve been away from sharing any updates, and we all know that Surfline, Seaweed and Ross are there for that purpose anyhow 🙂

I will post the Video sometime New Years Day or tonight if I finish in time.  The Surfers present are Chad, Don, Dr. John, Sunny, Me (Oldwaverider), Chuck, Chris (Orlando), Joe (Boston), Lacey, Mike (my buddy from Lakeland), Dave (Sunny’s dad), Scooter, Ron, Tim C., Dennis (Core Surf),  and Paul (Jeremy’s kin and the Emu Bird Man).

I apologize if I missed anyone, and if I did, and you know I have footage of you, let me know, and I will update the final Video.  The Soundtrack part will be provided by Bob Marley, Guerilla Jazz of Hawaii (I hope) and perhaps one other artist.  I tried to use the Shins, but they have the U.S. blocked from using their copyright, so the tunes may have some change if YouTube lets me know.

Thanks for letting me capture the Great Times and Awesome Talent & People in sharing this compilation with You!

Happy New Year, and Be Safe 🙂


Friday morning update, semi-glass, down south only, Saturday offshore but brisk nice size, Thursday night October 31 , 9:00 PM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , October 31, 2013 posted

Friday and Saturday are the two clean days with size, swell starts to fade but something rideable Sunday, swell falls off Monday, and a new big windswell rolls in with huge chop for 4 or 5 days.

Friday, it will be chest high plus, with South to SSW winds.  Which means, sideshore to onshore winds in CCB, unless you are south of Minuteman Cswy.  Should be some Shoulder high sets every so often, but solid rib to chest high, I would say by Noon.

Saturday, waist to chest high plus, with brisk 10 to 15 mph offshore west winds.

Sunday, strong North, maybe NNW winds, so South side of pier, and Lori Wilson Park would be my choice, expect thigh to some waist high waves if not too blown out. As of Friday morning at 9:45 AM (just posted now), Sunday could have some chest high sets

Monday, the new big windswell rolls in with big head high to overhead chop by late afternoon.

Big choppy waves all week from Monday on.



The next Friday Fest is scheduled for November 1st from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Activities will include a variety of food vendors, an assortment of novelty & craft vendors, kids zone, and live entertainment along with beer & wine.

Live entertainment will feature  “Perfect Tuesday”.

and Have a Great Weekend 🙂


Kelly Slater in the Stands, hey, I had the camera in my hands for the Bikini contest, timing is everything :) posted Monday, 10 PM September 02 2013

Kelly Slater, in the judges stands, 11 time ASP World Champ,  so yeah, I was excited even if I am 55 🙂


Heidi’s Jazz Club, and my buddy Les playing Saxophone Friday nights, “In the Mood” song by Glenn Miller and Surf Report Update n Forecast for the Cape and Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach, …posted August 25, 2013

If you ain’t 50 or older, then you may ask, what the _ _ _ _?  Why is this guy posting a Glenn Miller song, “In the Mood” on Johnson Avenue Surfers?  We do have waves coming for Monday! See below…

My buddy here in Cape Canaveral, plays the Saxophone, and nails this classic Big Band Jazz song by Glenn Miller.  (Jimmy Stewart played the movie, which was black and white, haha).

My buddy Les is about 80 years old, and you’d never know it;  hope you enjoy it below:  (ps – I also added the original Glenn Miller band video below my buddy Les so you could compare)

He also gave me a 40 year old “Infinity” surfboard from Ocean Beach Surf Shop, where I took a surf trip back in 1979 🙂

And here is Glenn Miller, it’s a low rez video, so that’s why it’s smaller:

UPDATE: The Surf Report Below was done 2 hours ago, when the swell model was “bigger”.  Now it looks like maybe Monday afternoon it will wait to hit even CCB , and waist high is now the size call, sorry, models change every 6 hours, and the report below was from an earlier model, at the tail end of it, if u will 🙂  (This update was done at 7:38 PM EST Sunday night)

We have a very steep angle swell, a Northeast swell, that will be blocked out by the Cape, but should hit Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach well, and by late Monday, it may trickle in to us finally.  Should be a wind swell, no ground swell, but will give us some waist high waves here by Monday night, and should give us some chest high waves Monday late morning in Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach, with NE winds in the 8 to 10 mph range in the morning, so it could be fun.

Tuesday should be more of the same.  Have Fun!

posted by Oldwaverider