How Big will Edouard get? 6 days straight showing same swell size, that is Sweet! Update Monday night for Hurricane Edouard Surf, Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach, posted 9:45 PM 09/15/2014

What does 4.5 feet at 16 seconds really mean?  And the swell peaks around 9-12 Wednesday at 5 feet at 15 seconds.  Well…see below my Wednesday, Thursday call to see why it could hit close to double overhead for a few hours late morning in Satellite Beach  till maybe, 1 pm Wednesday.  Leslie in 2012 a month before Sandy was 4.3 feet at 13 seconds and delivered some 11 foot faces at RC’s.

A Hurricane Sandy wave, medium wave, Oct 28 2012, photo by Mike MelitoWednesday morning, I am calling 2-3 feet overhead at the Pier, with freak sets that are bigger.  By noon, I suspect Satellite will have 3 -4 foot overhead big sets, and bigger rogue sets.  Winds should be 10 to 15 mph West.

Thursday, shoulder high to 1 foot overhead at the Pier and Satellite, with bigger sets.  NW winds until 11ish, then sideshore winds.

Friday, barely leftovers with a new swell coming in for Saturday and Sunday in the thigh to waist high range.  Waves for 5 days, yeah!

You have to consider a few things.  A swell that comes from Africa, has a chance to develop a great deal of power even when the swell size is smaller than say a Sandy which traveled from the Caribbean.  Sandy hit 18-20 feet at 17-19 seconds, but the swell could not travel far and reach the deep ocean depth that a storm from Africa can.  Sandy was freak huge due to the power of the hurricane, yeah.  And, Sandy did not closeout, hardly at all.  Eduard, the fetch of the swell (the width, and height, is much much taller than the U.S. from Florida to Canada.  Look at the Period chart.  It is so big, and so perfectly uniform like the Nov 10 2011 swell.  That swell was 6 feet at 11 seconds, but 5 feet at 15 seconds is a lot of power.  We’ll see.  I’m rambling kinda 🙂

Anyhow, Eduard could be 3 to 6 feet overhead when it hits the better spots.  It will be 1000 miles form our coast, maybe a little less, but it has generated some power.  A 15 second period has a wave traveling at you at 45 mph.  An 11 second swell, travels at you in the lineup at 33 mph.  50% difference.

Wednesday September 17th from Hurricane Edouard could be really big! Thursday thru Saturday still look great! , Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach, posted 5:45 PM 09/13/2014

When does Edouard provide the first great Surf Day?  Today marks the 3rd day that Wednesday will be big and offshore winds in the morning.  What does big mean.  The models for Hurricane Edouard show 5 feet at 15 seconds between 6 & 9 AM Wednesday morning.  Note: Hurricane Leslie, was a 4.5 feet at 13 second period swell.  Quite a bit less powerful than Edouard so far.  See the rest of Forecast below Surf photo.  At the bottom of this post is the path of Hurricane Edouard, an image from Channel 13 news Hurricane Tracking.

Below is a photo my friend Mike Melito took of Hurricane Leslie :

Hurricane Leslie at RC's, September 8th, 2012, photo by Mike Melito.  Swell size: 4.5 feet at 13 seconds.

So what does the Forecast for Wednesday thru Saturday look like for Hurricane Edouard?

Wednesday is the peak of the swell, with 5 feet at 15 seconds most of the day.  Size 5-7 foot swell, produces 2 to 5 foot overhead waves.  West winds at 8 to 12 mph, and turns onshore by early afternoon.

Thursday swell size, 4-6 feet early, and 3-5 feet by 10 AM.  Should be overhead to 2 foot overhead plus in Satellite Beach, with offshore winds , but only for a few ours in the morning.

Friday swell size, 2-4 foot, so it should be waist to chest high and even bigger sets.  It may be offshore, but it’s still too far to confirm what direction.