How the Waves were Tuesday morning (7/19 week ago :), Massive Fiji swell Video is Incredible with clip of Kelly Slater, and Surf Report Thursday afternoon (at 5:30 Pm) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted July 28, 2011)

EPIC CLODBREAK JULY 2011 from IronFistMedia on Vimeo.

Okay, my Bad !

Been swamped with stuff, yeah no excuse 🙂    But if you read my forecast in my very last post before this one,  I threw down my call for Tuesday morning,  7/19.    The wind swell we had,  was providing us with potential NNW winds for Tuesday morning and it did for a few hours actually.

I surfed behind Holiday Inn cause it had to be a North wind break (anything from 4rth St North to the pier for this swell cause the Cape itself was kinda blocked by this swell).  It was stomach to chest high when I paddled out at 7 Am, only 2 guys out, and it was ripping lefts and rights.   The lefts were instant barrels cause me, a normal foot had to do rail grabber takeoffs on every one,  and you pretty much got coverage on some waves if you kept at it.   The rights were fast takeoffs, but gave you more time, and for the long boarders 100 yard plus rides.  By 7:45 some short boarders came out, and we all tore it up together, giving each other waves, and we shared a few tandems with every one coming out happy.

By 8:30 it had some bigger sets, and I caught my only shoulder high wave, a right, shoulder high almost all the way in, and took it to the sand.  Awesome session……………………………………….

Epic Day, all I can say!   My buddy Rob from Newport Beach met me there and he was going nuts surfing great Florida waves.  (he’s the guy in the picture in my very last post, surfing his Newport Beach break 🙂

Okay, as far as surf headed our way.  Really nothing.  Like Ross at says maybe some knee high action, I looked at Hightowers today mid-morning and it was actually thigh to maybe waist and was ridable but I didn’t have my board.  2 guys out way North on the break but it was onshore not much of a swell so I wasn’t too upset.

The massive 50 year storm that hit the Tasmanian Sea, Australia and which made it to Fiji that motivated our own Kelly Slater to skip the ASP tour event in J-Bay so he could catch the most incredible waves at Cloudbreak and Restaurants, Fiji is shown in this incredible video posted on Vimeo by and right here where you know I love to collect all the huge wave videos that I can find 🙂

Enjoy this epic surf with so many of the great big wave surfers including Jamie Sterling, Mark Healey, Kohl Christansen, Greg Long who won the last Eddie contest from Kelly in the last minute bumping Kelly Slater from being the first person to win the Eddie two times in a row.  (the Eddie contest is the Waimea Bay contest that must be held in 40 foot face waves in order to take place in memory of Eddie Aikau)

Enjoy the video don’t forget to click the 4 little arrows right of the HD letters in the video for full screen view, and we’ll keep the watch for a swell.   It’s almost cane time.