Tuesday will be bigger than Monday, and now offshore! Monday Night, February 23, 9:15 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/23/2015)

Today the swell definitely dragged it’s feet coming in, but I did get some awesome South CCB thigh to rib high 50 to 100 yard peelers and not bad on closeouts either, you could pick walls that held up.  With brisk 12 -15 mph West winds.  The lefts were really nice, and actually some were throwing even right.  Lots of fun. But……………………….  Tuesday ;

Yes, Tuesday is now looking solid offshore, and I believe Rib high plus at the Cape, some Chest high sets at the Pier, and some Chest to Shoulder high sets in Satellite Beach!  Winds, start WNW at daybreak 2-4 mph , Sweet!  By Noon, may 6-8 mph WSW, and it may push up to 10-12 plus in the afternoon swinging around W to NW late afternoon.

Get excited!  This is a surprise and a Gift 🙂