Thursday and Friday morning are looking Fun! Plus Massive Outer Reef 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Video, Oldwaveriders 3:00 PM Tuesday afternoon March 24 Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach (posted 03/24/2015)

Do we need to blow off work Thursday?  No 🙂 It is just a wind swell, not a groundswell.  But the last 3.5 foot at 8 second windswell I caught by 2nd light 2 1/2 weeks ago was 60-100 yard glassy rides with workable walls (Longboard, yes) in the thigh to rib high size.  So hopefully we’ll get lucky.  Thursday morning should be thigh to waist high glass at the Pier, and maybe some rib high sets in Satellite Beach.  Winds look like they will have a couple hours of SW winds in the 5-8mph range mid-morning.  Then turning South to SE by 11 or noon.  Wednesday night I’ll have a more accurate wind report !

Friday morning should have some smaller leftovers with similar conditions as Thursday.

Check out this awesome video below.  I haven’t ever seen Outer Reef in Hawaii this big.  Waimea, yeah, Jaws, well of course, but Outer Reef?

Keala Kennelly at Outer Reef – 2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry – XXL Big Wave Awards

Fun waves for Sunday I believe, plus a Baby’s first barrel surfing video. And don’t forget the third annual Beach ‘N Boards Fest in Cocoa Beach – Posted Saturday, March 14 2015 at 2:20 PM

Sunday still looks like waist to maybe chest high (probably down south only), with W winds in the 3-6 mph range until maybe 11 am then NNW to NE by Noon or so.  The swell drops thru the day, so the best plan, is to hit first light around 7 AM.  High tide is around 3:38 AM in Cocoa Beach and 3:53 AM in Satellite Beach.  High going low at 6:53 is a perfect mid-tide time to go.

Also, check out the video this Dad made, with his Baby’s first barrel surfing 🙂

BodyBoarding 101 from jorge tirado on Vimeo.

Check out the full article on the baby surfer here.  John John Florence said his Mom took him out on her board when he was around 6 months old 🙂

Also, the 3rd Annual Beach and Boards Fest sponsored by Ron Jon Surf Shop is at Shepard Park, which means, much easier parking than other places. Check out the scoop on the Fest here.

Sunday morning, March 15, we may have some waist to rib high glass :) Re-post of Johnson Avenue Surfers Video of 3 years in Review – Posted Thursday, 03/12/2015

Sunday morning we may have a nice windswell with glass.  We’ve had wind swell all week, but we may get some distinct offshore winds and have waist to maybe chest high glass down South.

Those of you that haven’t seen the Video I posted a year ago or so, called “Johnson Avenue Surfers – 3 years in Review”,  I share it below.

This was a video of some local surfers/friends 10 or so people, with 5 soundtrack songs by Bob Marley and Guerilla Jazz, from Maui.  It’s long, but that’s so we could get everyone in here.  Young and Old surfers, from Cape Canaveral, The Pier, and Hanger near 2nd Light.


Chest to head high Monday morning and clean conditions! Posted Sunday night 10:15 PM

Monday morning early, is looking fun!  The call is waist to chest at the Cape to the Pier, and chest to head high in Satellite Beach !

Winds 3-5 mph North, so slight offshore from 4rth Street North to the Cape.  And onshore in S CCB and Satellite Beach, but with light onshores, it should be clean and almost ground swell 🙂

Have a fun Monday Am, the winds will pickup to 7-12 from 11 am on, so get out early!

Oldwaverider 🙂