Chad’s epic 200 yard, 18 second, 1 to 2 foot overhead drop ride, Saturday November 24 2012, Satellite Beach, Saturday afternoon Surf Report Update 11/24/12 4:15 PM, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (November 24, 2012 posted)

CHAD’s 18 SECOND RIDE,  SURFING VIDEO, 1 TO 2 FOOT OVERHEAD FACE…(Be sure to click “Full Screen” below on You Tube settings and also click 720 HD on quality)

We caught a spectacular, session with Shoulder to 2 foot plus overhead faces in Satellite Beach or Hangers.

I got some amazing rides by brother Chad, but this 2 foot overhead face, provided Chad an 18 second, 200 yard ride of perfection 🙂

This was the perfect, session, with waves that had power that kept your drop-ins, high, but wipeouts without headaches, go figure ,

Surf for Sunday should be waist high at the Cape, and Chest high in Satellite Beach, with 4 to 6 mph NW winds until 10 AMish, and then they go NNW around 6 until 1 or 2, maybe later.

Monday should also have some small but fun leftovers.