Powerful NE Swell, coming in for Sunday ! plus, a Warm Up video from the Summer, posted 03/03 Thursday at 10:20 AM

Will it be big, glassy, warm or cold air for Sunday’s incoming ground swell?  Check it out below !  ………and,  for the Old , well and for the Young, I share a Longboarders video I did the summer of 2014, with photos I brought in from others of Piers, Beachs, all over the US , for variety, and a bunch of talented longboarders surfing a nice rib to shoulder high day in Satellite Beach.  I hope you like the Beach Boys, cause they seemed appropriate for a Longboard and Beach Ladies video array!


Well, we’re 3 days out, but for Sunday it looks like rib to chest high with a nice chance of offshore winds for the Northern end of the county.  (Not Playalinda, but for the Cape and North Cocoa Beach.  Winds could be offshore till mid-morning.  It is a one day swell , but a 2ndary wind swell comes in right behind to bring size on Monday, but the chances of big chop on Monday are pretty good.  High tide is 5:20 AM for Satellite Beach, so by 7:30 a good portion of the deep water should be back in the faucet.  Air temp is only 60 low, and 74 for a high, and the weather shows “SUNNY” 03-03-16-clip-art-pictures-of-the-sun-100w for Sunday !

We’ll give a couple updates on the wind and swell, as Sunday comes closer.

Have a Great Thursday, and we hope to have a new Website for you by sometime in March , early April.

Oldwaverider 😉

Friday night 04/04 9 PM update below, Saturday could provide us a Solid Ground swell around Waist high plus, Surfing Videos from a March 2014 swell, Thursday morning Surf report at 10:15 AM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , April 03 2014 posted

Friday night 9:00 PM update from the report I shared Thursday below this Friday update;  Ground swell, is here, should hold, and winds still look SW to WSW in the 5 to 8 mph range on Saturday.  And Sunday, we may have SSW winds which is slight offshore from 8th South and further South.  Size should be the same, on Sunday or 6 inches bigger until 11 or 12 probably.


Saturday morning could have a solid ENE Ground Swell for us with Waist to occasional Chest high sets and Glassy…More below on the incoming swell…

Walk on Water Productions website was out on Tuesday morning the 25th, to get the footage while it was Glass 🙂

The two videos below are some clips that I shot in Satellite Beach, both are from March 25, 2014 around 10 AM, with a nice Aerial at the end, and the second, is a clip of Chad that I shot on the same day, a nice glassy 10 second left 🙂  I will compile another video from the same day soon.


The swell period which determines whether or not we have a ground swell, starts rolling in Friday afternoon late, but come in Saturday morning around 6 to 9 am.  And it is supposed to strengthen thru the day bringing in more consistent chest high sets.  It could be glassy until noon even , air temp around 68 at daybreak, winds, SW to WSW in the 4 to 8 mph range.

Sunday morning, could be chest high, and semi-glassy down south, as the winds right now are showing South in the 10 plus mph range, so we won’t know more on that until Friday some time.

Enjoy, and we’ll post an update, if it looks like the winds will change drastically in any way.

Thanks, and have a great post Camel Day.

Oldwaverider & Walk On Water Productions 🙂

Carving n Cruisin at The Pier , a Video from the Pier on Thursday March 14 around 10 AM, Friday morning, with some thigh to chest high leftovers, (Friday morning update 8 to 10 AM) , Surf Report Update…Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 15, 2013 posted)

SURF UPDATE , thigh high and glassy at the Pier this morning, and bigger down South, and

Saturday should be Long Board fun and glassy in the AM, thigh to waist high plus down South, and perhaps knee high plus at the Cape, smaller than today, but still fun. It is still holding strong in the 2.5 feet at 13 or 14 seconds at our near shore buoy as of 10:30 PM Friday night (now), and at the Fort Pierce Buoy, still around 4 feet at 14 seconds, so we still have a nice ground swell hanging on.  The 120 buoy has been out since the 11th, but I failed to see that the last few days, so I guess my medication is working 🙂

Maybe Sunday. Smaller, but fun as this 10 day piggyback swell subsides 🙂

Carvin’ and Cruisin’ at the Pier Surf Video, as we enjoy learning the world of motion graphics, at Walk On Water Productions.  With some awesome talent at the Pier, some of our Gifted Longboarders, and some shortboarders workin on their Aerials…hope you enjoy!  I accompanied the video with a Jason Mraz tune, that seemed to flow with the mellow crowd yesterday morning.

Have a Great Weekend!


Visual Video Surf Report for 1:30 PM Tuesday from Satellite Beach, plus 4:30 PM buoy Surf Report Update , Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (February 26, 2013 posted)

HERE IS A VIDEO VISUAL REPORT FOR SATELLITE BEACH, taken today, at 1:30 PM Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013Nice head high to 2 foot overhead drops, semi-glassy 70 to 120 yard shortboard rides 🙂 video by , in a hurry, Walk On Water Productions.biz

Wednesday Size still looks to be waist to chest for the Cape, maybe head high for the pier, and epic Overhead glass in Satellite Beach with light 4 to 8 mph W-WNW winds until 1 or 2 ish.

Thursday, Size looks the same and maybe a foot bigger, with winds offshore until later perhaps.  Winds maybe in the 12 to 15 mph range on Thursdday, Friday should have some leftovers with brisk offshore winds also.

Have a fantastic surf week!

Oldwaverider 🙂


January 18 update, plus Hurricane Sandy Video of Johnson Avenue from October 27 2012 Saturday, Surf Report Update for Friday January 18 2012, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (January 18, 2012 posted)


January 18 update…After being in hibernation, a Surf Report update for Friday, Saturday and Sunday  below…

The video I shot Saturday morning after I had my session, it was the first sizeable and semi-glassy day of Hurricane Sandy.  Winds were up to 35-40 mph NNW, so it made for an interesting drop in no doubt 🙂

Sunny, Chuck and a couple unknown surfers out.

Today, Friday January 18, a big NE windswell, not quite a ground swell will be moving in all day, maybe waist high at noon,  but it should be head high by dark, with 25 plus mph NE winds.

Saturday, the winds back down to maybe 15 to 20 mph, NNE to NE, with size in the chest to head high at the Cape, and Overhead down south in Satellite Beach.

Sunday morning looks to be Rib to Head high , North to South, with North winds at daybreak, so a good chance of some NNW winds until 9 or 10 is possible.  Either way, with 8 mph N winds, conditions should be clean and fun.

Have a Great Weekend!


Chad’s epic 200 yard, 18 second, 1 to 2 foot overhead drop ride, Saturday November 24 2012, Satellite Beach, Saturday afternoon Surf Report Update 11/24/12 4:15 PM, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (November 24, 2012 posted)

CHAD’s 18 SECOND RIDE,  SURFING VIDEO, 1 TO 2 FOOT OVERHEAD FACE…(Be sure to click “Full Screen” below on You Tube settings and also click 720 HD on quality)

We caught a spectacular, session with Shoulder to 2 foot plus overhead faces in Satellite Beach or Hangers.

I got some amazing rides by brother Chad, but this 2 foot overhead face, provided Chad an 18 second, 200 yard ride of perfection 🙂

This was the perfect, session, with waves that had power that kept your drop-ins, high, but wipeouts without headaches, go figure ,

Surf for Sunday should be waist high at the Cape, and Chest high in Satellite Beach, with 4 to 6 mph NW winds until 10 AMish, and then they go NNW around 6 until 1 or 2, maybe later.

Monday should also have some small but fun leftovers.


Surfing Video from today at Johnson Avenue a nice chest high day n fairly glassy, Chest to Head high waves for a week maybe, Monday evening Surf Report Update 11/13/2012 6:00 PM, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (November 13, 2012 posted)


Surf with waves every day for a Week, Chest to Head High, with a few glassy days.

Tuesday is looking to be chest to head high, clean with North winds light at day break, turning NNE by 8 AM so get out early.

Wednesday is showing chest to overhead, and Weather.com shows NNW light winds until 11 AM which means glass for the Cape and clean down South, the models at Magicseaweed.com show onshore Wednesday morning, so for now I go with Weather.com.

Thursday morning looks chest high plus, clean, maybe early glass

Friday looks like a chance of glass similar size

Saturday, looks like definite offshore winds and head high. (which means, we will have a big glassy epic day on Sat or Sun, unless the swell bumps up early)

We’ll update later tomorrow with a wind update.  I missed the glassy wind report for this morning, oops, my bad 😦

Thanks for your forgiveness 🙂


Rafael swell jumped at the 120 buoy at 4:30 PM to 9.5 ft at 14 secs, Surf Video of Chuck down south of 2nd Light, one sweet left wave, Hurricane Rafael should send us chest to head high on Tuesday w some glass, Tuesday morning Surf Report Update 10/16/12 1100 AM, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (October 16, 2012 posted)


UPDATE AT 4:30 PM, OCTOBER 16TH , TUESDAY AFTERNOON/NIGHT!  The waves jumped 50% in size since this morning and doubled in power, from 6 feet at 10 seconds at 8 AM to 9.5 feet at 14 seconds, at the 120 mile buoy.

The Rafael swell should be building a little today, it was sluggish at high tide this morning, but we tried to catch the winds offshore down south for the early size.  It was almost flat at the Cape this morning, and very small at the pier.  But south of 2nd light, it was waist to chest high, with a few bigger drops.  I took some video of Chuck, and will compile a full video, but for now, this is a nice left that he caught on semi-glass waist high wave 🙂

Wednesday should be bigger, shoulder high at the Cape to 1 to 2 foot over head down south in Satellite Beach, with MAYBE, NNW TO N WINDS UNTIL 9 AM WHICH IS OFFSHORE FOR THE CAPE (as of 7 PM tuesday night weather channel for the Cape), THEN NNE to East winds in the morning, in the 4 to 6 mph range which should be fun and clean for the Cape. It would definitely be worth a trip down south to catch it a foot or two bigger with the light onshore winds.

Thursday morning, it should be a little smaller probably waist high at the Cape, and Shoulder high on the set waves in Satellite Beach, but we may have some glassy SSW 6 to 10 mph winds, so down south of 6th street south is your best bet if you want offshore winds. SSW is sideshore for the Cape.

Enjoy the swell.


Hurricane Leslie Surf Coming! , Saturday night surf report update 8:30 PM September 01 2012, NKF Surf Fest at The Pier thru Monday, Labor Day Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (September 01, 2012 posted)

EPIC SURF ON THE WAY FROM TS/HURRICANE LESLIE…the ground swell just hit the 120 buoy at 9 PM, 2.5 feet at 11 seconds.

Blue Moon from August 31, 2012 video by Walk on Water Productions…

Sunday, Leslie starts to trickle in a little, and should send in some waist high solid waves with light 3 to 5 mph onshore winds until Noon, and then only up to 10 mph later in the day for the NKF Surf Fest, so at least they will have a little more waves to show their stuff 🙂

Monday ought to bring some chest high waves at least down south, with very light onshore winds.

Tuesday, will have some head high waves in the early morning when the winds are offshore for a couple hours probably, so get out there at dawn patrol if you want the glass.  The size will kick up to probably 1 or 2 feet overhead down south, and head high to slight overhead here at the Cape.

Wednesday, morn, should have 2 foot overhead waves down south and head high to slight overhead here at the CapeWinds should be offshore till 10 maybe 11 Am, and then go onshore for sure.

Thursday morn, maybe shoulder to head high at daybreak (little size/swell drop), but then it builds in the afternoon, to definite overhead by maybe 2 feet.  Winds should be offshore in the morning until 10 Am +, then onshore, but by 5 Pmish, they may turn offshore again, so those of you missing the morning sesh, here’s your chance to catch evening glass with overhead waves for shore at dinner time.

Friday, it builds again throughout the day, and we could very well have some 3 to 4 foot waves overhead by 11 or 12, with winds offshore until maybe 12 or 1.

We will update any wind or swell changes that appear significant 🙂

Enjoy the Surf Fest and the upcoming Hurricane Surf.  The storm is around or will be around 900 miles offshore which is the best position, we get more days of surf when it is far enough away like that.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Oldwaverider (Art)

Video of Chad and Luke surfing a semi-epic chest high plus swell in Satellite Beach on July 16,2012, Monday night 9 PM surf report update, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (July 17, 2012 posted)


We had to drive South after checking out the end of the street.  I mean, come on, how often do we get a solid chest high plus ground swell in the summer in Florida?  🙂 , Don’t get me wrong, J-Ave looked fun, but if we were gonna film a ground swell we might as well film it a couple feet bigger on the face so………………………we headed down to Satellite Beach to my favorite break, we did paddle out late 😦


But we pulled up at 8:45 AM, offshore SW winds 5 mph, a ground swell rated at 3.5 feet at 10 seconds, and we could see plenty of chest high waves (shoulders) with quite a few shoulder high sets.

It was time for a double take,  what!!!!!!,  NO ONE OUT!  So what does any normal person do, they hurry out before the winds change.  What a great session, yeah 90% closeouts, so that just meant, you let 8 waves pass you by, and take one close-out for the insane bottom turn and kick-out, and hope the next one will give ya a 100 yard ride or more.  But, I confess, there was only a couple of those which is rare under these conditions, but the plentiful 50 to 75 yard plus rides with quick walls made for a great session and day.  I only surfed one hour, and then came in to start filming, by then the winds switched out of the South, but still had really clean semi-glass conditions.

Surf Update……….We should have some knee to waist high waves for then next few days Wed thru Friday maybe, with an offshore breeze for a couple hours.  This Low Pressure system is kind enough to linger so enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video, and the surfing  by Chad and Luke.

Video by Walk on Water Productions