Surf video of TS Ida at the Pier, plus, Sunday morning 11/08, could be clean, waist to chest, maybe glassy and fun, but early early … Posted Saturday afternoon, 11/07/2015 at 5:20 PM

Surf video of TS/Hurricane Ida at the Cocoa Beach Pier, with Dennis of Core Surf and a couple others.  Beautiful leftovers of Ida 🙂

Nice little wind swell moving in for Sunday morning, with perhaps waist to chest high clean, and maybe, just maybe glassy for an hour or so near daybreak Sunday morning.  Satellite Beach is your best bet to get the size.  If it blows offshore, probably from daybreak , for an hour , then light SE to East winds in the 3-5 mph range, building in speed as the morning grows older 🙂  (hopefully it won’t be a scattered thundershower to throw the winds whacko)

We may have a chest high plus and glassy day between Monday and Wednesday, so watch the wind charts, or check back here.

Chest to head high glass expected for Monday March 3rd , Saturday March 1st afternoon Surf report at 1:30 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , March 01 2014 posted

Monday Surf is Looking Great!   Possible Chest to Shoulder high waves , down south best bet for offshore winds SSW early to maybe SW in early afternoon 8 to 12 mph winds starting stronger in the morning.

Tuesday is looking smaller but more glass.  Waist to Chest high

Video of Similar possible size for Monday, filmed in Satellite Beach: