Local Surfer Jeff Cook does Coastal Beach, palm frond, wood Art of Sunsets, Waves, Space Shuttle in background Paintings (5:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 04/29/11)

Jeff Cooks Palm Frond Coastal Art Paintings, Sunsets, Space Shuttle, Waves and More...
Jeff Cooks Palm Frond Coastal Art Paintings, Sunsets, Space Shuttle, Waves and More...

Hey check out the local Artist, Jeff Cook and some of his Coastal Art Painting on Palm Fronds and wood.

Sunsetsbeautiful waves formed from palm fronds and wood painted to order.  Jeff has some Space Shuttle over Ocean art, Sunsets all done with Ultraviolet safe marine paint so you can decorate outdoors or indoors without fear of fade.

Prices start at under $ 20 and go up so they’re great for gifts or to spoil yourself 🙂

Send an email to Art with your phone number and we’ll have Jeff give you a call, and you can stop by and check out the awesome work!


Shuttle Launch, How the Waves were, Surf report Friday afternoon and surf forecast (5:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 04/29/11)

Thursday morning (4/28) the waves were a lot of fun, moderate south winds (10 to 12 mph) at our break a 1/2 mile south of 2nd light.  Shoulder high and occasionally larger drops, with chest high shoulders, rights and lefts working, but most were only about 50 yard rides on a long board.  Plenty of chances to get pitched 🙂 But they had some great punch to them with some great fast walls to work until they closed out.  3 of us out, around 7:30 till 10, All to our selves.  Great session.

Friday morning at Hightowers, it was thigh high perfect glass in texture but close-outs after 50 yards or so.  20 minutes after I got out,  the storm from east and north hit and totally blew out the waves,  oh well 😉

We have additional wind swell coming in Saturday thru Monday am in the chest to shoulder high range down south and a little smaller at the Cape, and it appears to hang around a day or two after that.  Don’t expect any glass for the next 5 days,  but there should be plenty of waves to paddle into anyhow.   Hey, we usually start the flat season now so get excited that we have waves.

When we see a window of offshore winds we’ll let ya know.

Sorry, no pics for now 😦

Oh, and sorry, the Shuttle Launch got scrubbed and is now on tentative for Sunday 5/1 some time.