Shuttle Launch, How the Waves were, Surf report Friday afternoon and surf forecast (5:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 04/29/11)

Thursday morning (4/28) the waves were a lot of fun, moderate south winds (10 to 12 mph) at our break a 1/2 mile south of 2nd light.  Shoulder high and occasionally larger drops, with chest high shoulders, rights and lefts working, but most were only about 50 yard rides on a long board.  Plenty of chances to get pitched 🙂 But they had some great punch to them with some great fast walls to work until they closed out.  3 of us out, around 7:30 till 10, All to our selves.  Great session.

Friday morning at Hightowers, it was thigh high perfect glass in texture but close-outs after 50 yards or so.  20 minutes after I got out,  the storm from east and north hit and totally blew out the waves,  oh well 😉

We have additional wind swell coming in Saturday thru Monday am in the chest to shoulder high range down south and a little smaller at the Cape, and it appears to hang around a day or two after that.  Don’t expect any glass for the next 5 days,  but there should be plenty of waves to paddle into anyhow.   Hey, we usually start the flat season now so get excited that we have waves.

When we see a window of offshore winds we’ll let ya know.

Sorry, no pics for now 😦

Oh, and sorry, the Shuttle Launch got scrubbed and is now on tentative for Sunday 5/1 some time.


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