Sunday morning, March 15, we may have some waist to rib high glass :) Re-post of Johnson Avenue Surfers Video of 3 years in Review – Posted Thursday, 03/12/2015

Sunday morning we may have a nice windswell with glass.  We’ve had wind swell all week, but we may get some distinct offshore winds and have waist to maybe chest high glass down South.

Those of you that haven’t seen the Video I posted a year ago or so, called “Johnson Avenue Surfers – 3 years in Review”,  I share it below.

This was a video of some local surfers/friends 10 or so people, with 5 soundtrack songs by Bob Marley and Guerilla Jazz, from Maui.  It’s long, but that’s so we could get everyone in here.  Young and Old surfers, from Cape Canaveral, The Pier, and Hanger near 2nd Light.


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