Powerful NE Swell, coming in for Sunday ! plus, a Warm Up video from the Summer, posted 03/03 Thursday at 10:20 AM

Will it be big, glassy, warm or cold air for Sunday’s incoming ground swell?  Check it out below !  ………and,  for the Old , well and for the Young, I share a Longboarders video I did the summer of 2014, with photos I brought in from others of Piers, Beachs, all over the US , for variety, and a bunch of talented longboarders surfing a nice rib to shoulder high day in Satellite Beach.  I hope you like the Beach Boys, cause they seemed appropriate for a Longboard and Beach Ladies video array!


Well, we’re 3 days out, but for Sunday it looks like rib to chest high with a nice chance of offshore winds for the Northern end of the county.  (Not Playalinda, but for the Cape and North Cocoa Beach.  Winds could be offshore till mid-morning.  It is a one day swell , but a 2ndary wind swell comes in right behind to bring size on Monday, but the chances of big chop on Monday are pretty good.  High tide is 5:20 AM for Satellite Beach, so by 7:30 a good portion of the deep water should be back in the faucet.  Air temp is only 60 low, and 74 for a high, and the weather shows “SUNNY” 03-03-16-clip-art-pictures-of-the-sun-100w for Sunday !

We’ll give a couple updates on the wind and swell, as Sunday comes closer.

Have a Great Thursday, and we hope to have a new Website for you by sometime in March , early April.

Oldwaverider 😉

Surfing video clip from last Monday, 2/08/2016. Glassy and chest high plus surf coming for Tuesday, Feb 16. Posted Monday 02/15/2016 at 3:15 PM

Can we expect some fun glassy surf tomorrow, on Tuesday?

Tuesday morning, We should have some chest high glassy wind swell out there, that ought make the chilly water worthwhile 🙂  Winds should be offshore till at least early afternoon, and at daybreak, SW winds, brisk, in the 10-12 mph range, low tide around 8:30 am.

Check out the video clip from last Monday, a nice 14 second rib to chest high left (excuse, I couldn’t.  Every 20 minutes, a head high set would come through which actually had more juice and held up better, but only the longboarders were taking advantage of them.  Why?  The shortboarders would have fallen asleep waiting 🙂


Memorial Service for Babe Featherman today in Cape Canaveral, Thursday, January 28 2016

In Memory of Babe Featherman, who loved Jesus Christ - January 28 2016, Memorial Service, Christ Lutheran Church, Cape Canaveral
In Memory of Babe Featherman, who loved Jesus Christ – January 28 2016, Memorial Service, Christ Lutheran Church, Cape Canaveral

Do you remember that Smiling, Always upbeat face, sitting in her scooter on the crosswalk of Johnson Avenue, at entrance to the beach of Cape Canaveral?

With that Auburn Red hair, and dark almost leather tanned skin, from love of soaking up the Sun’s rays almost every day.

Babe loved Jesus Christ, and always bounced back.  When she broke many bones 3 or 4 years ago putting up Christmas Decorations after falling from a stool or ladder, at around the age of 90, or just shy of, Babe beat all the odds that her Doctors and Therapists said about the likelihood of her recovering 🙂

Babe not only recovered, but in less than 6 months, her friend Dan drove her to the beach each day, and She was back in her motorized chair soaking up the rays, reading her paper and magazines, and always happy to talk to any surfers or beachgoers headed to the sand.  She and her late Husband Paul, owned the bowling alley years ago on SR 520 in Cocoa Beach, for those of you that might remember that.

Babe beat the odds in many ways.  She was once, caught up in a Tornado, and lifted up high into the sky, as I understand it, and she was graciously placed back down.  I may add to this brief story of our friend, should I learn anything new today.

Her husband Paul, passed away in 2010, and Babe decided to embrace life another 5 or 6 years.

Whenever I went for my jog on the beach, or to do a surf session at the end of the street, Babe was always enthusiastic about whatever it was you were doing.  She loved people, and she loved life.  Even amidst the many challenges and tragedies that she faced throughout her life, she was always smiling, and a deep smile, not a quick placed one.

Her funeral is today, at 11 AM at Christ Lutheran Church.  She will be missed here in Cape Canaveral.  She has already been missed at the beach, and at church, as she has been in permanent care this last year, as her body started winding down.

I think it’s kind of awesome, that Babe’s Memorial service is also on the 30 year anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger.  Babe was very loved, and I do wish I had spend time seeing her in therapy, but , her memory will be a nice offset for the Space Shuttle loss.

Pastor Greg said the last words that he heard out of her mouth, was that she loved Jesus, and she did, she made that very clear 🙂

Those words about Christ were I believe, the last words she shared. <><


Fun waves for Sunday I believe, plus a Baby’s first barrel surfing video. And don’t forget the third annual Beach ‘N Boards Fest in Cocoa Beach – Posted Saturday, March 14 2015 at 2:20 PM

Sunday still looks like waist to maybe chest high (probably down south only), with W winds in the 3-6 mph range until maybe 11 am then NNW to NE by Noon or so.  The swell drops thru the day, so the best plan, is to hit first light around 7 AM.  High tide is around 3:38 AM in Cocoa Beach and 3:53 AM in Satellite Beach.  High going low at 6:53 is a perfect mid-tide time to go.

Also, check out the video this Dad made, with his Baby’s first barrel surfing 🙂

BodyBoarding 101 from jorge tirado on Vimeo.

Check out the full article on the baby surfer here.  John John Florence said his Mom took him out on her board when he was around 6 months old 🙂

Also, the 3rd Annual Beach and Boards Fest sponsored by Ron Jon Surf Shop is at Shepard Park, which means, much easier parking than other places. Check out the scoop on the Fest here.

Monday should be waist to chest high and glassy! Sunday , February 22, 7:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/22/2015)

The windswell/almost groundswell, starts to hit the beaches by 12 am to 3 am, as it appears.  The period of the swell looks like it covers the coast by 6-9 am, so it is my hope and belief, that Monday, we should have some waist high waves at the Pier and glassy, and some rib to chest high sets in Satellite Beach by 9 am.  Winds are SW at daybreak, turning WSW, and as the swell strengthens and increases in the afternoon, the winds turn onshore.

An April 2013 swell at 4rth street north, My buddy Mike Melito.  This may be the size we have by late morning Monday.

“COLD AS ICE” Video, Well, “Cold and Nice” actually, Video, from the Big Day at Hightowers from Thursday, February 12, 2015, (posted 02/14/2015)

Video from the Big Day, 8 foot to Double Overhead Faces from Thursday at Hightowers.  Big ENE Swell, around 10 AM in the morning.

Video of Paul at Hightowers today, a nice Coverup and Exit! 8 foot to double overhead EPIC waves today! Friday should be fun but NNW Winds, Thursday , February 12, 9:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/12/2015)

Today was none other than epic in Satellite Beach!  8 foot to double overhead faces, I have lots of Video footage.  Some Awesome talent out there today 🙂

Surf update, below video!  It was amazing the difference today between the Pier which was rib high this morning at 6:45, and in Satellite Beach it was 10 foot plus faces at 7:15, turning double overhead by 9 or 10 AM

Video below of a guy Paul that I met on a nice 8-9 foot face or so, with a nice Coverup, and working the wall!

Paul’s Coverup on a Nice 8 foot to Double Overhead Day from Art Hansen on Vimeo.

A double Overhead ride below, same day, same time:

Friday, should be chest high plus at the Cape or Pier, and probably 1 to 2 foot overhead plus in Satellite Beach.  The winds are looking NNW in the 8 to 15 mph range, so surfing North of 4rth street North is your best bet.  NNW is onshore in Satellite Beach.  Still, should be fun waves!

Saturday should be chest to shoulder high, North going South respectively with more direct offshore winds 🙂

I will be producing a Video from the 70 video clips I shot today of the Awesome talent at Hightowers.

Surfing Video from December big swell, plus, Thursday (2/12) looking Massive, Glassy and … Cold ! Tuesday , February 10, 12:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/10/2015)

What should Thursday bring?  See the Video of the 2nd big day (smaller than the day before), of the big Nor-easter we had December 11th, in Satellite Beach down below!

The models show 7-7.5 feet at 13 seconds which means, 8 to 12 foot faces, possibly plus, in Satellite Beach.  If the winds are low, as Weather.com says they should be at daybreak, then the swell should fully come in.  If they are hard offshore, then as we saw the delay with Gonzalo and a few other swells, they can take an extra day to come in, or get blown apart a bit.

Wednesday will have some size kicking in with some very strong NNW winds switching North as the size builds thru the day, but I shall wait for Thursday, when it’s 48 in the morning, LOL 🙂

Thursday morning should be 6-8 foot faces at the Pier with bigger sets, and 8-12 foot faces in Satellite Beach with bigger sets.  Winds show offshore, West winds around 4-6 mph, and increasing all day, up to 20 plus mph, so get out early! (4rth day of the models have said this, and when the models hold up for 3 or 4 days, they usually materialize)

Friday looks like strong North winds, still huge, and maybe blowing offshore NNW to NW later in the day.

Saturday looks rib to chest high and offshore and lots of fun.

The video below is from the 2nd biggest day of the 7 day Northeast swell we had the 1st and 2nd week of December.  This video was shot 12/11/2014, around 10 Am to 12 Pm.  The soundtrack is from a band called “Guerrilla Jazz”, from Maui, Hawaii.  The song is called “One Day We’ll Be Gone”. Billy Kemper, a big wave surfer in Hawaii, has a cousin or relative in the band.  Four or so years ago, this video below mine, was done with Laird Hamilton mentoring Billy, along with Ian Walsh.


Thursday morning could have light winds and fun, Friday could have North Brevard offshores and fun! … Wednesday morning 11:30 AM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 11/5/2014)

6:50 PM Update Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, Now it appears that 8 Am or so, the winds could be NNW to NW for a couple hours, very light.  The tide is high tide going low at 6:45 AM, perfect.  And the strength of this wind swell is slowly coming in over night.  Thursday morning, We could have waist to chest high waves, most likely waist at the Cape and Chest high in Satellite Beach.

Friday morning the swell is supposed to strengthen to 9 second period from 8 seconds expected on Thursday morning.  So the winds will blow offshore fairly strong by mid-morning Thursday night/Friday morning, maybe up to 10-12 mph westerly.  We have a few hours of NNW to NW Friday morning, so it could be a little better than Thursday morning. Should be stomach to chest high at least down south.