An interview with John John Florence when he was first invited to the Eddie, at age 19 or 20. Posted Monday at 7:20 PM, 02/29/2016

Well, the first question begs asking, do we have waves coming? An 03/01 9:35 PM Update re Wednesday surf.  The small swell hasn’t hit the 120 mile buoy yet, so don’t get your hopes up real big.  (end 03/01 9:35 PM update)

I  believe Wednesday we shall see some really fun thigh to waist high glassy waves, with almost ground swell in power.  It is a straight easterly swell, yeah, that’s  a trace different then all these NE’sters huh?  As it stands for now, it will be mostly cloudy Wednesday morning with 63 air temps at daybreak but warming to 68 degrees by 9 am.  The winds should be SW, turning West, to WNW in the 4-8 mph range at daybreak, and picking up to the low teens by afternoon, but supposedly, still offshore.  The water temp will be 68 something, so you may be able to vest it, or spring suit, or even skin it!

Okay, so check out this interview with John John just over 3 years ago.  When Mark Healey, gets the pleasure of walking up to the door of John John Florence, to hand him “The Eddie” invite 🙂  You have to love, how humble John John is, when he receives it.  He admits fear, and a little, duh, ah don’t know, all in a very down to earth way of just admitting,  Oh Sh_ t!  That is a brutal contest, but a great honor.  Ya gotta love that , to just this past Wednesday, that same kid, who has always been a Pipeline master, gets thrown into the same invite, and wins the contest with such calm, such confidence, and Masterful surfing and skill!

More of the Eddie … Massive NE ground swell perhaps by next Saturday night, posted 4:50 PM Saturday, 02/27/2016

Who doesn’t love watching Big Wave Surfing?  More of the Eddie 🙂

NOTE: THIS IS A 02/28 SUNDAY 7:14 AM, UPDATE FROM YESTERDAYS POST REGARDING THE MASSIVE NE SWELL.  Unfortunately, it has now shrunk half in size.  We’ll keep you updated during the week. (<<< end 02/28 update) We have a massive steep steep NE ground expected next Saturday.  Possibly 11-13 second period swell, with 8-9 foot of swell, by next Saturday night, as the models now show.

John John Florence wins the Eddie ! Video below. Posted Friday 02/26/2016 at 9:00 AM

John John Florence wins the Eddie Aikau event, in the biggest waves they have ever had for the contest.


Our 11 time WSL champion, Kelly Slater, takes 5th place, with style that was mind-blowing.  He also caught the only barrel in the event, and pulled out of it. (the only one I know of)

The Eddie could go Thursday, expected 50 foot faces, today, Kauai has 30 foot faces in the photo. Posted Tuesday, 02/23/2016, 2:50 PM.

My friend Cliff in Hawaii, shared a photo from today.  He and a friend were towing in today.  I had to share a small photo that Cliff took with his cell phone today  of a guy doing a bottom turn on a 30 foot face wave at Kauai today in Hawaii.

The Eddie Aikau contest could still go , on Thursday, they are expecting 50 foot faces.  If it can hold up for 2 days at 40 foot faces with 20 feet of swell.


Surfing video clip from last Monday, 2/08/2016. Glassy and chest high plus surf coming for Tuesday, Feb 16. Posted Monday 02/15/2016 at 3:15 PM

Can we expect some fun glassy surf tomorrow, on Tuesday?

Tuesday morning, We should have some chest high glassy wind swell out there, that ought make the chilly water worthwhile 🙂  Winds should be offshore till at least early afternoon, and at daybreak, SW winds, brisk, in the 10-12 mph range, low tide around 8:30 am.

Check out the video clip from last Monday, a nice 14 second rib to chest high left (excuse, I couldn’t.  Every 20 minutes, a head high set would come through which actually had more juice and held up better, but only the longboarders were taking advantage of them.  Why?  The shortboarders would have fallen asleep waiting 🙂


Solid head high ground swell for Monday morning. Great wipeout Big Wave Award Entry, at Jaws, video. Posted 9:45 PM Sunday night 02/07/2016

Monday morning. This one day ground swell should bring some head high maybe plus waves, probably  down south only due to the angle.  The 2ndary swell should help as opposed to hurt the swell, 1.5 feet at 10 seconds on top of the 6 feet at 11 second swell.  Winds, NW to WNW 10-15 mph, and maybe West for a while.  High tide around 7:30,  and winds increasing to 20 plus by late morning , most likely.

Did I mention is should be in the mid-forties at day break ?