Sunday has a strong chance of being waist to chest high and glassy in the morning, with increasing high winds after mid-morning. Posted Saturday 11/21/2015 at 8:50 PM

The 120 buoy has had some 6 foot readings in the 11 second period range as of 5:00 PM today and around 8 PM, with some 9 second readings mixed in.  So this is part two of the swell we have had,along with a new swell rolling in.

It should be offshore , turning NW in the 4-8 mph range Sunday morning.  High tide around 4:08 am, so by 7:30 it should start having some juice to it, provided no morning sickness is upon us.  I think it will be waist to rib high and fairly glassy down south.  The size up North should be more like the waist high range.

A few photos below of Hurricane Ida and Oldwaverider, shot by my buddy Mike Melito, the big day, but in my old age, some days, I don’t want to battle the 8-12 foot face days paddle out, and in this case, I headed back North to Canaveral, skipping my favorite Satellite Beach Breaks.  So i went soft a few days, 🙂

A Railgrabber backside left, getting ready to lip up


A Railgrabber backside left, getting ready to lip up


Perfect line right


One of the thick lip cleanup sets, that kept us inside a while :) There were some 6-9 foot faces, even up North for us at the Cape with Hurricane Ida

Wednesday afternoon July 4rth update from Monday report on July 2nd Surf Report/Update, 4:00 PM , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (July 02, 2012 posted)


Thursday for a knee to thigh high swell is not looking good 😦

A ground swell did hit the 120 buoy at 1 PM today, July 4rth but it was 2.5 feet at 11 seconds with winds still out of the west.  So, at this point, I’m up for deleting Thursday’s possible surf, and let’s see if the wide low pressure with an 8 to 9 second fetch out there brings something in for Friday or Saturday, Once we see the Buoy tommorrow night, we will know better.

Have a Great July 4rth week and don’t forget about Friday Fest at Cape Canaveral !  Live entertainment will feature “Vilifi” on Taylor Avenue & “Lonnie & Delinda” on Poinsetta Avenue.

Vilifi is awesome, and plays a great variety of Rock, so be there for the Sounds, Support your local Vendors and have a cold one with some Fellowship out there!


Sunny Photo Gallery from May 14 2011 ground swell, Wednesday morning Surf Report update 9:30 AM January 25 2012, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (posted January 25, 2012)


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Sunny making his relentless barrel pursuit on a waist high gem. Image 1 of 3 sequence. Photos by Chad.
Sunny making his relentless barrel pursuit on a waist high gem. Image 1 of 3 sequence. Photos by Chad.

Incoming NE ‘ster windswell for maybe Monday thru Wednesday…I’ll get into that in a minute;

The photos here of Sunny were from a May 14 2011 ground swell that kicked up waist to shoulder high waves, perfect glass and barrels.  These three shots were taken by Chad , and of Sunny on a nice left.

Sunny. Image 2 of 3 shot sequence.
Sunny. Image 2 of 3 sequence.

As far as incoming swell, other than the 2 foot fairly consistent knee to thigh high stuff we have had for the last week, we do have a Nor’easter that is predicted to blow from land to sea at a NW angle,  so it looks like it will give us a steep NE windswell for perhaps Monday thru Wednesday. 

Sunny, image 3 of 3.
Sunny, image 3 of 3.

There could be some head high faces, but mostly onshore winds, and by Tuesday afternoon, the models show the swell coming in more East than North which could allow some of this baby to hit the Cape, instead of letting Satellite Beach hog the whole show 🙂

As it progresses, we’ll let ya know.

Enjoy this awesome weather that the last two winters denied us.  Oh,  the water temp is the same at the Trident pier which hugs close to the barrier islands  just west of  the one mile buoy both showing showing 69 ° which you gotta love.

It’s hump day Wednesday, enjoy the remainder of your week and the weekend 🙂  A week from Friday is the Cape’s Friday Fest, so don’t forget about that street party!