Surfing Video from December big swell, plus, Thursday (2/12) looking Massive, Glassy and … Cold ! Tuesday , February 10, 12:30 PM Surf Report and Forecast for Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and Satellite beach surf report (posted 02/10/2015)

What should Thursday bring?  See the Video of the 2nd big day (smaller than the day before), of the big Nor-easter we had December 11th, in Satellite Beach down below!

The models show 7-7.5 feet at 13 seconds which means, 8 to 12 foot faces, possibly plus, in Satellite Beach.  If the winds are low, as says they should be at daybreak, then the swell should fully come in.  If they are hard offshore, then as we saw the delay with Gonzalo and a few other swells, they can take an extra day to come in, or get blown apart a bit.

Wednesday will have some size kicking in with some very strong NNW winds switching North as the size builds thru the day, but I shall wait for Thursday, when it’s 48 in the morning, LOL 🙂

Thursday morning should be 6-8 foot faces at the Pier with bigger sets, and 8-12 foot faces in Satellite Beach with bigger sets.  Winds show offshore, West winds around 4-6 mph, and increasing all day, up to 20 plus mph, so get out early! (4rth day of the models have said this, and when the models hold up for 3 or 4 days, they usually materialize)

Friday looks like strong North winds, still huge, and maybe blowing offshore NNW to NW later in the day.

Saturday looks rib to chest high and offshore and lots of fun.

The video below is from the 2nd biggest day of the 7 day Northeast swell we had the 1st and 2nd week of December.  This video was shot 12/11/2014, around 10 Am to 12 Pm.  The soundtrack is from a band called “Guerrilla Jazz”, from Maui, Hawaii.  The song is called “One Day We’ll Be Gone”. Billy Kemper, a big wave surfer in Hawaii, has a cousin or relative in the band.  Four or so years ago, this video below mine, was done with Laird Hamilton mentoring Billy, along with Ian Walsh.