Hurricane Leslie Surf Coming! , Saturday night surf report update 8:30 PM September 01 2012, NKF Surf Fest at The Pier thru Monday, Labor Day Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (September 01, 2012 posted)

EPIC SURF ON THE WAY FROM TS/HURRICANE LESLIE…the ground swell just hit the 120 buoy at 9 PM, 2.5 feet at 11 seconds.

Blue Moon from August 31, 2012 video by Walk on Water Productions…

Sunday, Leslie starts to trickle in a little, and should send in some waist high solid waves with light 3 to 5 mph onshore winds until Noon, and then only up to 10 mph later in the day for the NKF Surf Fest, so at least they will have a little more waves to show their stuff 🙂

Monday ought to bring some chest high waves at least down south, with very light onshore winds.

Tuesday, will have some head high waves in the early morning when the winds are offshore for a couple hours probably, so get out there at dawn patrol if you want the glass.  The size will kick up to probably 1 or 2 feet overhead down south, and head high to slight overhead here at the Cape.

Wednesday, morn, should have 2 foot overhead waves down south and head high to slight overhead here at the CapeWinds should be offshore till 10 maybe 11 Am, and then go onshore for sure.

Thursday morn, maybe shoulder to head high at daybreak (little size/swell drop), but then it builds in the afternoon, to definite overhead by maybe 2 feet.  Winds should be offshore in the morning until 10 Am +, then onshore, but by 5 Pmish, they may turn offshore again, so those of you missing the morning sesh, here’s your chance to catch evening glass with overhead waves for shore at dinner time.

Friday, it builds again throughout the day, and we could very well have some 3 to 4 foot waves overhead by 11 or 12, with winds offshore until maybe 12 or 1.

We will update any wind or swell changes that appear significant 🙂

Enjoy the Surf Fest and the upcoming Hurricane Surf.  The storm is around or will be around 900 miles offshore which is the best position, we get more days of surf when it is far enough away like that.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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Tropical Storm Isaac and Friday night surf report update 7 PM August 24 2012, Labor Day Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (August 24, 2012 posted)

26th Annual NKF Pro AM Surf Festival Labor Day weekend website
26th Annual NKF Pro AM Surf Festival Labor Day weekend website


Okay, so at least our waves hit Saturday morning 🙂

We should expect waist high waves at daybreak for the Cape with 5 to 10 mph ENE winds in the morning for Saturday, and chest high down south.  The size builds a little throughout the day with winds only increasing to around 15 mph.  It should close the day with rib high at the Cape and chest to shoulder high in Satellite Beach.

Sunday, it loses steam or power at daybreak with the swell dropping in period to 6 or 8 second period, but it should be maybe chest high at the Cape in the AM and head high down south.  But by dark it will be pushing maybe double overhead in Satellite Beach with NE winds over 20 mph, ouch.

Monday, huge also, probably double overhead and winds onshore over 30 mph down south, so the smaller chop will be a gift here at the Cape.  The swell drops in size all day Monday, but will stay overhead till dark for sure.

Tuesday,  down South or Playalinda are the place to berib to chest high, with strong south winds, so the drive to Playalinda would be worth it.  South winds are 32 degrees offshore at Playalinda.

Wednesday, starts out with leftover Issac, and builds thru the day with the push from Depression Joyce.  Wednesday, ought to be waist high and glassy with strong offshore winds, and should pick up to chest high down south and getting glassier all day.

Yeah, I am stretching it trying to call this far out, but I feel comfortable with the calls 🙂

THURSDAY September 1st,  is the 26th Annual NKF Pro AM Surf Festival which has always been run by Rich Salick, who died this past July.  So be sure, to help his awesome event live on, the Fest starts Thursday and runs thru Sunday, with surfing competition for all ages, boards and genders 🙂  Saturday will be a real fun day at the Pier with all the Food, Vendors, Drinks and more, so check it all out!

Have a great Surf weekend, and enjoy some big chop.  It’ll put hair on your chest.  (well for guys anyhow)


Great Waves on Wednesday thru Friday probably, Sea Lice Alert, Hurricane Katia update, Last day of the Labor Day 26th Annual NKF Surf Festival, Surf Report Sunday night (at 8:30 PM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted September 04, 2011)

Clay riding a Punta Mango El Salvador perfection.
Clay riding a Punta Mango El Salvador perfection.

Katia will have some waves for us in the morning.  They kind of sent something our way a few hours ago, but the real strength won’t start till the morning.  (Monday morning) Sea Lice are pretty bad again, so get out and buy and try SeaSafe Jellyfish and Sea Lice repellent.  Supposedly it works for before the fact, not after.  See photo of Lice below.

Sea Lice photo, blown up 1000 percent, I believe
Sea Lice photo, blown up 1000 percent, I believe

Monday should have some chest high waves for us and growing thru the day.  The angle of the swell, it’s hard to tell how it will come in for the Cape until another day or so, but I think we’ll see chest high down south for sure, and by the end of the day, chest at the Cape and bigger down south.   South winds from 8 to 15 mph with maybe stronger gusts.

Tuesday, a little bigger, shoulder high and growing, South winds also, but maybe a few hours of SSW winds.  Need I say,  South winds mean first Playalinda (32 degrees offshore) , 2nd Spanish House/Sebastian Inlet (26 degrees offshore).  Definitely, go south of Minuteman Causeway for your best chase for semi-glass or minimal chop.

Wednesday, we should have some overhead waves, probably head high to slight overhead at the Cape, and a couple feet overhead down southSW winds for a few hours in the morning, so get out early.  (though the winds call is iffy, until I check them out Monday night or Tuesday morning for a 75 to 80 % accuracy call for Wednesday morning.

Thursday chest high to overhead as the models look with possible NW winds the first few hours in the morning.

Friday, strangely enough the size looks to increase a foot over Thursday with WNW winds possible in the morning.

Beyond Friday is getting real iffy to try and call.   It is not confirmed that that is a true sea lice photo above, perhaps someone can let me know.

Monday is the last day of the NKF 26th Annual Surf Festival, so get down there and check it out, with the additional thrust in waves from Katia.

The photo above is my buddy from Newport Beach Rob’s friend Clay surfing a classic day at Punta Mango , El Salvador a couple years ago.

Get pumped for Wednesday thru Friday.


Possible glass and Overhead Waves on Wed or Thurs, Hurricane Katia update, Labor Day 26th Annual NKF Surf Festival, Surf Report Saturday morning (at 8:15 AM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted September 03, 2011)

Hurricane Katia for when our surf gets great.
Hurricane Katia for when our surf gets great.

Katia getting close enough to start “guessing” the big and glassy days 🙂    Well, almost…

Our local windswell that will be coming in late Saturday afternoon will start bringing surfable waves for today and Sunday.  Onshore, thigh to waist high plus stuff with onshore winds depending on the Cape or toward Patrick and Satellite Beach.

Monday and Tuesday, for 2 days running now show South winds as the Cane starts sending us chest high waves Monday on up to overhead waves by Tuesday, so this is Playalinda and Spanish House type wind.  Offshore in both places.  If you don’t want to drive, then surf anywhere south of 6th Street South and at least it will be 3 to 6 degrees offshore with direct South winds.  RC’s and Hightowers it would be around 10 degrees offshore, and by the way, right now its only showing around 10 to 12 mph South winds so it could be really fun Monday and Tuesday.

Saturday 6 AM swell model update from
Saturday 6 AM swell model update from


Wednesday morning, right now appears to be the biggest day, models of wind are too far out,  but it looks to be SW winds and overhead waves, so down South could be epic.  If you surf up North, with SSW to SW,  you’ll be getting slight onshore to sideshore winds with a very slight offshore, but it wouldn’t be glassy.

Thursday morning, SSW to SW in the morning, head high, glassy down South and by late late afternoon, the winds start turning West so up North should be great by then.

Friday morning looks to be chest to head high an glassy everywhere.

The swell chart here even though it was placed in the style that it is on my favorite data house, these are the same numbers that we see on Surfline, SurfGuru, Wavecaster, etc.  They all get their data from NWW3 and GFS.  But,  MSW has their own programmers that bring the data with shoreline conditions, other storms affecting the storm we are tracking, and they draw interpolations from this with their own created models.   To me they are hands down the best source of raw data interpolated.  (my plug for MSW 🙂  But all the others still do a great job, and the most reliable interpretation of this stuff to give us user friendly reports over the years in my opinion is brother Ross at  .

Anyhow,  Katia swell models have  dropped but it now looks like overhead surf that everyone can paddle out and have a great session/s.

The image here shows that Katia should be around 700 miles due east of us, which is less powerful than Bill, less than Earl, but still on track to give us multiple days of great surf.


Hurricane Katia update, Gulf Coast Disturbance headed NW, Labor Day weekend 26th Annual NKF Surf Festival, Hurricane preparation, Cape Canaveral Friday Fest, Surf Report Thursday afternoon (at 4:00 PM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach, Uncle Joe got a new rocking chair (posted September 01, 2011)

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Full size images below if you want to click on them and see full screen.

Maybe a 2nd chance at a barrel?  Photo by Mike Melito, an old surf buddy. Hurricane Irene, the 2nd day. Pic 1
Maybe a 2nd chance at a barrel? Photo by Mike Melito, an old surf buddy. Hurricane Irene, the 2nd day. Pic 1

FRIDAY NITE UPDATE (from this original Thursday afternoon surf report book 😉  Wind swell coming in late Saturday with waist high size and onshore winds; nothing exciting but something ridable somewhere 🙂

Sunday, the same wind swell, small, persists until late afternoon, when the first dribble of Cane Katia starts sending in waves.  Playalinda and Spanish House could have some nice chest high size and slight offshore winds (SSE to SE; S winds are 32 degrees offshore at Playalinda and 26 degrees at Spanish House).  2nd light to RC’s will have sideshore SSE to SE winds.

Monday and Tuesday will be growing from chest to overhead by Tuesday , right now looking onshore winds in the 15 to 20 range.

Wednesday and Thursday will be pushing the 2 to 4 foot plus overhead range, also with onshore winds, but………….Thursday and or Friday (or both days),  could be the big and offshore wind days.  So we will keep you updated on that mostly, once Tuesday and Wednesday night roll around when I can get more accurate wind data.

Oh, Katia is still a Cat 1 Hurricane, but it still shows to be a Cat 3 by Wednesday, and should be about 850 East of Daytona at that point, so if the wind sheer models hold, it should start aiming some Northward, and if the wind sheer models don’t hold,  then start packing…………just kidding, but listen close to the weather.

Here endeth the Friday , Sept. 2nd update for surf coming our way.  Below is my post from Thursday afternoon…

I just don’t know if the title of this post is quite long enough…

There’s a lot going on 😉

Katia went Hurricane Category 1 hurricane late last night or this morning.  Should be a Cat 3 by Monday, and by Tuesday it will only be 1100 miles from us, though the general consensus is that an upper wind sheer with keep it diverted off our part of the coastline anyhow.  As the general consensus goes.   Still,  like I mentioned the other day,  consider doing your Boy Scout stuff like water, canned goods, extra cat and dog food, batteries, fans and if you really wanna get anal, some water purification tablets…okay, I’m slipping into Alarmist syndrome here, my bad 🙂

Before we get into Katia and forecasts, we have some Hurricane Irene pics here from Saturday (the day after the big day 🙂  down around Slater Lane, mid-morning chest high waves, pretty much perfection. 

It did turn into some coverage.  Mike Melito photographer.  Hurricane Irene, glassy day two. Saturday
It did turn into some coverage. Mike Melito photographer. Hurricane Irene, glassy day two. Saturday

The photos were taken by a surf buddy and high school friend Mike Melito.  (He also did my Hurricane Earl and Danielle pics last year)

It was head high down by Satellite Beach, but I couldn’t make it down there. In between in North Cocoa Beach (as shown in these pics it was still pretty sweet)  But I did surf some incredibly fun waist to stomach high waves at Johnson Ave,  so needless to say, I was happy.

Also, Ross at has an incredible array of photos from Irene at his site (Picasa Web gallery) , check him out too.

Nice waist to chest high left.
Nice waist to chest high left.

The 1st Friday of the month Friday Fest of Cape Canaveral is September 2nd, this Friday.  The band Vilifi, whom I heard before is awesome, 3 piece band with incredible guitar player, drummer and bass.  (Obviously, those would be the 3 instruments for a 3 piece band, but my point is, each musician is incredible 🙂  If the link takes long to load, then just click on Cape Canaverals city website, and go to the 7th menu link for Friday Fest.

Hard to tell if it would be a good longboard day ;)  Photos by Mike Melito.
Hard to tell if it would be a good longboard day 😉 Photos by Mike Melito.

It still appears that Katia will start throwing us some waves Sunday night after dark,  with some waist to chest high waves building Monday, onshore winds.  The swell may provide some huge stuff, may last for 3 to 5 days.

The models are showing some possible offshore winds on Tuesday, which I would imagine that has to do with the storm in the Gulf which may become a cane also, heading toward Houston, cause it’s too early for Katia to be going offshore.

In Summary,  aside from a little wind swell we may have in the next couple days,  Monday starts Katia, and Tuesday it should be about 1100 miles offshore.  If it goes North with at least 600 miles off the coast we could have some killer waves by Wednesday or Thursday.

All alone...
All alone...

Don’t forget to have a blast and at the same time support the 26th Annual  NKF (National Kidney Foundation)  Surf Festival, check out their site for this year here.  The event takes place at the Cocoa Beach Pier starting Thursday Sept.1st.

Waitin on a duck diver to get in a good place :)  Hurricane Irene , the day after photos by Mike Melito
Waitin on a duck diver to get in a good place 🙂 Hurricane Irene , the day after photos by Mike Melito

We’ll keep ya posted.  If you don’t have a long leash for your cat or dog, get one, and a cage, just in case.  (what’s this guy so obsessed about pets for ?)