Great Waves on Wednesday thru Friday probably, Sea Lice Alert, Hurricane Katia update, Last day of the Labor Day 26th Annual NKF Surf Festival, Surf Report Sunday night (at 8:30 PM) and Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted September 04, 2011)

Clay riding a Punta Mango El Salvador perfection.
Clay riding a Punta Mango El Salvador perfection.

Katia will have some waves for us in the morning.  They kind of sent something our way a few hours ago, but the real strength won’t start till the morning.  (Monday morning) Sea Lice are pretty bad again, so get out and buy and try SeaSafe Jellyfish and Sea Lice repellent.  Supposedly it works for before the fact, not after.  See photo of Lice below.

Sea Lice photo, blown up 1000 percent, I believe
Sea Lice photo, blown up 1000 percent, I believe

Monday should have some chest high waves for us and growing thru the day.  The angle of the swell, it’s hard to tell how it will come in for the Cape until another day or so, but I think we’ll see chest high down south for sure, and by the end of the day, chest at the Cape and bigger down south.   South winds from 8 to 15 mph with maybe stronger gusts.

Tuesday, a little bigger, shoulder high and growing, South winds also, but maybe a few hours of SSW winds.  Need I say,  South winds mean first Playalinda (32 degrees offshore) , 2nd Spanish House/Sebastian Inlet (26 degrees offshore).  Definitely, go south of Minuteman Causeway for your best chase for semi-glass or minimal chop.

Wednesday, we should have some overhead waves, probably head high to slight overhead at the Cape, and a couple feet overhead down southSW winds for a few hours in the morning, so get out early.  (though the winds call is iffy, until I check them out Monday night or Tuesday morning for a 75 to 80 % accuracy call for Wednesday morning.

Thursday chest high to overhead as the models look with possible NW winds the first few hours in the morning.

Friday, strangely enough the size looks to increase a foot over Thursday with WNW winds possible in the morning.

Beyond Friday is getting real iffy to try and call.   It is not confirmed that that is a true sea lice photo above, perhaps someone can let me know.

Monday is the last day of the NKF 26th Annual Surf Festival, so get down there and check it out, with the additional thrust in waves from Katia.

The photo above is my buddy from Newport Beach Rob’s friend Clay surfing a classic day at Punta Mango , El Salvador a couple years ago.

Get pumped for Wednesday thru Friday.


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