Are Karl & Lisa Compatible? I believe so. Chest to Head glass on the way. Posted 9:45 AM Thursday 09/22/2016

Will we have local wind, or secondary swell disturbance?  Or will Tropical Storm Karl bring us the goods without Lisa’s throwing a tantrum?

The map below, compliments of awesome weather, shows us that Karl about 1500 miles offshore, almost hurricane status, and Lisa, another 1500 miles out from Karl, should not interfere, and may even be slightly strengthening the gift from Karl.

karl-n-lisa-wunderground-com-compliments-927-am-on-09-22-16The swell actually hit the 20 mile buoy last night around 10-11 PM (Wed night), along with the Fernandina Beach buoy and the Ft. Pierce Buoy all around the same time, which is actually rare.

Don’t expect any glass this afternoon, after this morning’s glass, but Friday morning, it could be blowing SW by 4 or 5 am, and turning NW by 10 or so, and onshore probably by noon, and maybe enough to prevent morning sickness and glass by daybreak.  The winds are expected to be in the 4-7 mph range which is awesome.  The tide is finally with us !!!!  Size at daybreak, should be waist to chest high, from the Pier south, and by 9 or 10, we may see some shoulder high waves, at least on the bigger sets.  Minus the wetsuit, surf could look like the video below on Friday.

Saturday, should be chest to head high, with maybe only a few hours mirror glass up North , NNW winds, and semi-glass in south CCB and maybe Satellite.  Still light, so it may not throw much texture down South even though it’s expected to be NNW (which is almost onshore in Satellite Beach).

Sunday could be more of the same as Saturday.  The period drops to 10 seconds from 11 or 12, which could make it better, worse, or the same, who knows ?  🙂


Surfing Video of Tropical Storm Kate with “The Cars” posted Sunday, November 15 2015

Tuesday , Tropical Storm Kate took a few hours after daybreak to get nice and perhaps awesome.  For those who were patient, here’s a surfing video I shot of friends and others:


Lots of Waves coming!  Big chop, but the ground swell in a week will provide some glass 🙂

Oldwaverider (Art)

Bertha Surf Video, Bertha delivered big, both Tuesday and Wednesday :) Thursday evening Surf report at 8:30 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , posted 08/07/2014

A Small Southeast swell is rolling in, during the day Friday and will be here through Saturday.  We could have some knee to waist high waves with offshore winds both mornings.

The video below is an unknown surfer at 4rth street in Cocoa Beach on Tuesday.  I hope to have a 2 to 4 minute video of Big Tuesday in the next week.  Wednesday had some waist high plus waves too, at O Club and south, however, no video from Wednesday.

video by


Old Longboarders Rule Surfing Video plus Shrinking but fun thigh to stomach high waves today, Saturday morning, 5/03 Surf report at 12:40 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , posted 5/03/2014

If you want to see some Longboarder’s tearing it up and you don’t mind a couple of Beach Boys songs, then feel free to check out the 4 1/2 minute Surfing Video below 🙂

Today, Saturday, at 12:30 when I checked, the Waves are still looking fun in the thigh to stomach high  (down south), even with the winds playing variable with the small weather storm activity.  It is bigger down south, but our 30 minute after high tide window that started at J-Ave around 11:20 looked real fun, well, until a 1/4 mile pipe dredging removal , total swell block activity happened , interesting to look at though.

Anyhow, the swell shrinks all day, but should have some glass for another hour or so depending on the winds mind for the moment.


36 to 60 hour wind/ground swell headed in for Sunday late morning/afternoon, maybe something rideable thru Tuesday, Sunday late morning maybe waist t rib high chop at the Cape and maybe thru North Cocoa Beach, Saturday night surf report at 11:00 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , December 07 2013 posted

Will we have something fun, Sunday afternoon?  BUOY JUST STARTED CLIMBING AROUND 3 AM LAST NIGHT, AS OF 8:23 AM (SUNDAY MORN UPDATE ) Think so, fun with light chop in the 8 to 12 mph SE range. Now this backside rail-grabber at Jaws for a 50 foot plus face, Billabong XXL 2013, Ride of the Year entry for Mark Healey, this is once insane, massively skilled drop.  He knew Jaws, and how he had to set his rail before bottom, to beat lousing his head on a White Water punch to the head :

Monday, should have a little more size to it, maybe rib to chest high, with winds more like 10 to 15 mph SE or SSE.  Playalinda or Spanish House would be the place to go.  South winds are 26 degrees offshore for the Inlet and Spanish House, and 36 degrees offshore at Playalinda, so for SSE winds, they could easily waver in between SSE and South.

Tuesday, a little lighter on the wind, with size drop, but could be fun longboard clean waves.

Sunday morning, perhaps, thigh to waist, and glassy :) , Saturday night September 21 , 8:30 PM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , September 21, 2013 posted

Today was Awesome, Waist to Shoulder high, depending on how far south you went 🙂    Johnson Ave had one of those rare days, where the form held tight and perfect for 3 or 4 hours, and very light onshore winds, with long lines, and a few hundred yard rides to be had,  well, on a longboard.  Below is a video I shot of the pier this morning from 9 to 10 AM.

Waves Sunday?  Down below… is showing 6 to 8 mph offshore winds, SSW turning SW by maybe 9 or 10.  MSW is showing twice that on wind speed, so I guess we’ll see which model shows up first.  I go with   Anyhow;  Sunday should be some knee to thigh high for the Cape, and waist high plus down south.  Enjoy, I believe it’s the last day of this swell 🙂