36 to 60 hour wind/ground swell headed in for Sunday late morning/afternoon, maybe something rideable thru Tuesday, Sunday late morning maybe waist t rib high chop at the Cape and maybe thru North Cocoa Beach, Saturday night surf report at 11:00 PM, forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , December 07 2013 posted

Will we have something fun, Sunday afternoon?  BUOY JUST STARTED CLIMBING AROUND 3 AM LAST NIGHT, AS OF 8:23 AM (SUNDAY MORN UPDATE ) Think so, fun with light chop in the 8 to 12 mph SE range. Now this backside rail-grabber at Jaws for a 50 foot plus face, Billabong XXL 2013, Ride of the Year entry for Mark Healey, this is once insane, massively skilled drop.  He knew Jaws, and how he had to set his rail before bottom, to beat lousing his head on a White Water punch to the head :

Monday, should have a little more size to it, maybe rib to chest high, with winds more like 10 to 15 mph SE or SSE.  Playalinda or Spanish House would be the place to go.  South winds are 26 degrees offshore for the Inlet and Spanish House, and 36 degrees offshore at Playalinda, so for SSE winds, they could easily waver in between SSE and South.

Tuesday, a little lighter on the wind, with size drop, but could be fun longboard clean waves.

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