Surfing Video of Tropical Storm Kate with “The Cars” posted Sunday, November 15 2015

Tuesday , Tropical Storm Kate took a few hours after daybreak to get nice and perhaps awesome.  For those who were patient, here’s a surfing video I shot of friends and others:


Lots of Waves coming!  Big chop, but the ground swell in a week will provide some glass 🙂

Oldwaverider (Art)

Surf Video from Big Wednesday, plus, Friday morning should be really nice head high with NW winds in Satellite Beach for a couple hours. Posted Thursday night, 10/01 9:30 PM

Friday should be really nice, with waist high plus at the Pier, and Head high plus in Saturday in Satellite Beach.  Winds should be around NW, in a brisk 8 to 12 mph at daybreak.

Here’s another short video clip from Big Wednesday in Satellite Beach.  It started as a near double overhead face, tapering off quick, but made for a nice , perfect ride without almost a coverup.

Saturday, as the Easterly swell begins to piggyback this powerful NE swell we’ve had, and it should start arriving by noon or 1 PM Saturday morning, and all through the night. It should be 2 feet overhead by mid-afternoon, getting close to double overhead by dark.  Winds look to be offshore most of the day.

Sunday morning could be massive, and hit double overhead for the entire morning.  It has a chance of reaching the status of Hurricane Sandy, with Very strong offshore West winds, perhaps in the 12-20 mph range.

Get excited, and grab your best big wave gun!


8 to 12 foot faces today in Satellite Beach, Surf video of one ride, huge surf for Thursday and Friday. Posted Wednesday, 09/30/15 at 4:15 PM

Was it Huge and Epic today or what?  CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO OF A DOUBLE (well almost double) OVERHEAD DROP, with the face size dropping quickly to 8 or 9 foot face, but still an awesome wave and ride in Satellite Beach today.

Satellite Beach was perfect walls/lines coming in, with minimal closeouts, and wave faces in the 8 to 12 foot range, yeah that’s right , the biggest sets had 12 foot faces!  I may have gotten a 10 or 11 foot face on video, but since the huge sets were infrequent, none of the 12 surfers out, wanted to wait out there.  BUT IT WAS PERFECT FORM!

I confess, I have been less than in top shape, so after my 7-10 foot face epic session in Satellite Beach the day before, I decided to surf the end of my street, where it was only 5 to 8 foot faces 🙂

Thursday morning should be some 7-9 foot faces with maybe a few 10’s left over with glass 🙂

Friday, should should be head high to overhead, and possible glass for North Cocoa Beach and the Cape.

Saturday, has the new storm coming in to piggy back Ida, and right now, is look to be 10-12 foot faces or bigger in Satellite Beach, with very strong offshore winds.

We’ll update y’all on Thursday!


The Question, Should I do Tuesday morning or afternoon? We know Wednesday morning is perfect offshore. Posted Monday Evening 8:45 PM 09/28

Is Tuesday morning going to be the best offshore time, or is late afternoon, which is also low tide?  The swell is holding it’s own at the 120 buoy as of 7 PM.  The swell climbed back up to 8.5 feet @ 11 seconds.  Probably either or.  It was big and calm , turning 4 mph onshore this morning with up to 2 foot overhead sets in Satellite Beach.

Below, is another video sample of what we could see on Tuesday, and Wednesday morning.  I shot these videos from Hurricane Gonzalo last year in early October, within 2 weeks of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday AM,  the winds show mostly light SSW which is sideshore in N CCB and the Cape, and if light, then it can be a nice offshore wind for Satellite Beach. shows 2-5 mph SSW up until 10 AM and then increasing to maybe 8 or 10.  But by 1 PM, it looks to be blowing SW and with a Northeast swell, this is generally  the best conditions for Satellite Beach.  Well, except straight west or NW, depending on the swell.  The point is,  will it be clean and perfect in the AM, or mirror glass and perfect in the afternoon?  Either way,  we should see waist to chest high in the Cape,  chest to shoulder high plus at the Pier with perhaps a few overhead sets.  And 2 to 3 foot overhead sets in Satellite Beach throughout the day.

Wednesday still looks epic all day.   It still looks to be about the same as Tuesday and perhaps better, unless we see the swell comes in early and peaks on Tuesday. For now, the models show to be increasing for Wednesday morning to 5 feet @ 11 seconds.  So a swell that size has the ability to throw double overhead waves.  2 to 3 foot overhead for sure.

Thursday and Friday still look incredible with at least chest high and glassy both mornings.  Gotta love that upper level windshear.

Tuesday afternoon could be Epic! Wednesday morning looks Epic! Swell hits today/evening. Posted Sunday afternoon 3:50 PM 09/27

Will we see some of Ida hit this afternoon?  I believe so.  It officially hit the 120 buoy at around 4 feet @ 1 1 seconds at 10 AM this morning, and hit 6.6 ft @ 13 seconds at 2:50 PM at  the 120 mile buoy!

I believe it’s time to re-circulate, the Hurricane Gonzalo video, (from October of last year:)  to share what Wednesday morning and Tuesday night could hold for us 🙂

So It should hit the 20 mile buoy partial I hope at the 3:50 PM reading.  Hopefully over 4 feet at 12 seconds.  Why do I care?  Because, I would like it to hit something at our beaches before 6 pm so we can get a taste of the storm tonight.

Monday morning it will be chest to head high with light onshore winds.  5% chance of offshores for one hour early, but most likely 2-6 mph easterly in some fashion.

Tuesday, it will be slight offshore in South CCB and Satellite Beach (meaning south winds), but by late afternoon Tuesday, it could be 4-6 foot swells, or 4 to 7 foot faces on the biggest sets, with a sneaker big one, in Satellite Beach and glassy close to dark and maybe glassy as early as 2 or 3 pm.  The swell angle isn’t too step NE, so it should be waist high at least at the Cape by Tuesday afternoon/eveving.  NOTE: THE WINDS ARE SHOWING SW for Tuesday late afternoon/evening,  which is full offshore down south, and sideshore or slight offshore at the Cape. SW is offshore at the Cape but SSW is sideshore.

Wednesday morning should be the Epic big glassy day everywhere if the models hold up for the 4rth day in a row.   4-6 foot swells early,  5 to 8 foot plus faces and  in Satellite Beach with maybe bigger sets on a rogue basis 🙂  See video above for possible size …

And there is waves all week, and a new big swell coming in next weekend!

Be safe, and be balsy!


Wednesday could be Waist high and glassy for an hour or two in the early morning. Thursday and Friday more on that below. Posted Tuesday, 09/22/2015 at 10:30 AM

What can we expect for surf on Wednesday, Thurs and Friday?

Now,  it looks like our NE steep angled swell, could hit our Pier (the Cape will be blocked out Wednesday AM probably and for half the size on Thursday), by as early as 6-9 AM Wednesday morning it could land on our beaches.

So Wednesday, with a prayer, could be waist high at the Pier, and waist plus in Satellite, with NW winds.

Thursday, the model has dropped for the NE swell that comes in,  from my post yesterday, but still looks like it could hit chest high on Thursday, with perhaps NNW to NW winds, very light , like 3-6 mph.  So it could be awesome, not powerful, but not mushy either 🙂

Friday, as I shared yesterday is a totally different swell, and is a solid 2.5 feet at 12 second ground swell, so it depends on the winds for size.  If it does blow NW, we could see waist to chest high plus at the pier, and waist to shoulder high in Satellite Beach, with some semi-rogue 🙂 much larger sets in both places once in a while.  NOTE: 3 feet at 12 seconds has produced 6-9 foot faces before, back during Hurricane Leslie in 2012, in Satellite, but not much smaller at the Pier.  These 5 photos were shot of Hurricane Leslie, 3 foot @ 12 seconds swell in September by my friend Mike Melito, so, 2.5 at 12 seconds could easily produce chest high plus, if the winds are offshore.  Just Sayin …

Photos by Mike Melito, a 3 foot at 12 second period swell, the one coming Friday is 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, so I like to show this for optimism that it could be big :) sept 2012 hurricane 029 Photos by Mike Melito, a 3 foot at 12 second period swell, the one coming Friday is 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, so I like to show this for optimism that it could be big :) sept 2012 hurricane 032 Photos by Mike Melito, a 3 foot at 12 second period swell, the one coming Friday is 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, so I like to show this for optimism that it could be big :)   sept 2012 hurricane 042 Photos by Mike Melito, a 3 foot at 12 second period swell, the one coming Friday is 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, so I like to show this for optimism that it could be big :)   sept 2012 hurricane 047 Photos by Mike Melito, a 3 foot at 12 second period swell, the one coming Friday is 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, so I like to show this for optimism that it could be big :)     sept 2012 hurricane 053 Photos by Mike Melito, a 3 foot at 12 second period swell, the one coming Friday is 2.5 feet at 12 seconds, so I like to show this for optimism that it could be big :)   sept 2012 hurricane 057

Today was really fun, for a 7 second windswell ! Saturday should be thight to waist and NW to West offshore . Posted 09/18 at 9:20 PM

Tomorrow may even have a little more punch size for size.  The size, well yeah that will be maybe a foot smaller.  But Saturday till noon ought to be some solid waist high sets still on the sets.  Winds more offshore, probably in the 4 to 8 mph NW to W back to NW, North, etc. 🙂 range.  Possibly offshore till noon or so. Low tide is around 6 am, so that’s also working for us.  Have an awesome Saturday !  The reason why it could have more punch to it, is the Fetch of this wind swell, which may have actually been out 800-1000 miles which is maybe why it looked like a weak groundswell today with the lines instead of peaks, but anyhow, the fetch moves North and gets a second on the swell period, stronger and thicker on the rim of the moving period chart, as it pushes closer to shore Saturday, then it did today.

Actually a shot in Cape Canaveral in 2011, September, but the size Saturday could be the same. Photo by Oldwaverider.

Tropical Storm Erika update. Posted Wednesday August 26 2015 at 1:30 PM

When can we expect Waves from Tropical Storm Erika?

Friday, we could have some waist high and glassy waves at daybreak, which would be the first touch of Erika, perhaps combined with the other departing SE swell.  The winds are looking offshore, at daybreak for Friday.  See Saturday and Sunday surf report below images. And, See image below for T.S. Erika daily status:



See forecast here for Erika report: website for TS Erika report

Saturday morning surf should be 3-5 feet swell size, meaning 4-7 foot faces, but starts out smaller in the morning and builds to this size during the latter part of the afternoon.  Winds, expect  8-12 mph SSE winds at daybreak, changing more East after mid-morning.  If you like to surf Playalinda, Sebastian Inlet or Spanish House,  at daybreak the winds , if they are SSE, can be offshore at Playalinda and Sebastian Inlet.  Why?  Because direct South winds are 32 degrees offshore at Playalinda, whereas at say Officers Club, direct South winds are only 6 degrees offshore, and 10 degrees offshore at say RC’s.  South for some of you, it’s worth the drive.

Sunday swell size is probably the same, maybe a foot bigger on the face on the bigger sets.  12-16 mph East onshore winds, so driving to South wind breaks will be pointless.


Tuesday August 25th 2-3 foot ground swell still on track, but delayed 6 or so hours. Posted Monday 08/24 at 11:00 AM

The Tuesday incoming groundswell for 2 feet at 12 seconds,  is still on track according to the models; however it appears to be delayed by 6 or 8 hours.  It has not hit the 120 mile buoy as of 10 AM EST today Monday 08/24.

A 12 second period swell travels between 15-20 mph, so when it does hit, providing there are no strong westerly winds out there (and there shouldn’t be), it should take about 7-9 hours to hit the beaches.  It is a Southeast swell,  so Satellite Beach should get a great angle on the swell in addition to Cocoa Beach.

Size should be waist to rib, with maybe a few chest high sets at the reef breaks down south, with wind models for Tuesday right now at showing 4-6 mph SSW at daybreak turning SW and back to SSW to onshore by around Noon.  NOTE:  I don’t believe their models have updated for wind since yesterday, which I don’t know why.  It they do change significant for tomorrow, as is showing brisk offshore, then I will update this post.

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Tuesday August 25th brings in a solid waist high Ground Swell finally ! , posted Saturday 08/22 at 2:30 PM

What kind of swell do we have coming Tuesday through possibly Thursday this week?

Incoming Hurricane Maria swell from 2011 at Johnson Avenue, by OldwaveriderTuesday, for the 2nd or 3rd day running, the models show 1.8 to 2 feet at 12 second period swell, which starts at about 2-3 foot waves, or 3 to 4 foot faces.  It should be glassy for a couple hours Tuesday morning at daybreak till maybe 8 or so.

Wednesday through Thursday, maybe Friday show more of the same 🙂

And the swell could even look like the photo below:

camera with surfing 519