Tuesday August 25th 2-3 foot ground swell still on track, but delayed 6 or so hours. Posted Monday 08/24 at 11:00 AM

The Tuesday incoming groundswell for 2 feet at 12 seconds,  is still on track according to the models; however it appears to be delayed by 6 or 8 hours.  It has not hit the 120 mile buoy as of 10 AM EST today Monday 08/24.

A 12 second period swell travels between 15-20 mph, so when it does hit, providing there are no strong westerly winds out there (and there shouldn’t be), it should take about 7-9 hours to hit the beaches.  It is a Southeast swell,  so Satellite Beach should get a great angle on the swell in addition to Cocoa Beach.

Size should be waist to rib, with maybe a few chest high sets at the reef breaks down south, with wind models for Tuesday right now at weather.com showing 4-6 mph SSW at daybreak turning SW and back to SSW to onshore by around Noon.  NOTE:  I don’t believe their models have updated for wind since yesterday, which I don’t know why.  It they do change significant for tomorrow, as MSW.com is showing brisk offshore, then I will update this post.

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