January 18 update, plus Hurricane Sandy Video of Johnson Avenue from October 27 2012 Saturday, Surf Report Update for Friday January 18 2012, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (January 18, 2012 posted)


January 18 update…After being in hibernation, a Surf Report update for Friday, Saturday and Sunday  below…

The video I shot Saturday morning after I had my session, it was the first sizeable and semi-glassy day of Hurricane Sandy.  Winds were up to 35-40 mph NNW, so it made for an interesting drop in no doubt 🙂

Sunny, Chuck and a couple unknown surfers out.

Today, Friday January 18, a big NE windswell, not quite a ground swell will be moving in all day, maybe waist high at noon,  but it should be head high by dark, with 25 plus mph NE winds.

Saturday, the winds back down to maybe 15 to 20 mph, NNE to NE, with size in the chest to head high at the Cape, and Overhead down south in Satellite Beach.

Sunday morning looks to be Rib to Head high , North to South, with North winds at daybreak, so a good chance of some NNW winds until 9 or 10 is possible.  Either way, with 8 mph N winds, conditions should be clean and fun.

Have a Great Weekend!


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