Belharra, France from March-April 2011, former XXL contender, plus Passing the Torch video Jaws, Maui with Laird Hamilton, Ian Walsh and Billy Kemper from 2010, plus Kelly Slater Surfing Jaws & Rob Machado surfing Pipeline Video

This is my 2nd favorite Big Wave video.  The sounds that go with this 1 plus minute video, and watching the footage they get from the back of the wave heading towards shore.  The back is like 25 to 35 foot back, so you can imagine the front.

This one called “Passing the Torch” in Jaws, Maui, from January, 2010, and this one is my favorite Big Wave Video.

Laird Hamilton (around 46 to 48 years old)  the mentor for Ian Walsh (around 30?), and they are both mentoring Billy Kemper (early 20’s?).   The music by Guerilla Jazz is pretty awesome, and kind of ironic for a video of some incredible 50 foot tow in surf at Jaws.

I put both of these online in the last year, but if you have a nice screen to watch these, crank up the tunes and watch these, totally awesome.

This is called Kelly Slater @ Jaws & Rob Machado @ Pipeline

Thus endeth my obsession for the day of huge wave video.


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