Mindblowing Puerto Escondido Video! and… Maybe some waist high glass Thursday morning August 06 2015, posted Wednesday 08/05 at 4:35 PM

Check out the video below of the incredible 10-20 foot stand up barrells in Puerto Escondido with Natxo Gonzalez, a 19 year old that caught the biggest barrells of his life 🙂

Thursday morning surf should be waist high and glassy in Satellite Beach with SW winds at daybreak turning SSW by 2 or 3 am and SW at daybreak, maybe until 10 or 11 am.  Then by noon it turns back SE.  The Cape may be rideable, but the Pier should be with thigh high to waist high sets.

Friday mornng should also be glass, maybe a little smaller.

Surf Thursday AM was Excellente! , this is Thursday morning (April 25) 11:30 AM Surf Update from Thursday Am surf, Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (April 25, 2013 posted)


Weather.com held consistent, as it is usually on for me, if I do a Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral check so I can see the trend from South to North. It must be a high pressure causing the friendly wind conditions this week, for a lot of Wind Swell with size rolling in, I haven’t looked.  More about today, and later in the week below…

This is part six of a Video series, featuring mainly Kohl Christensen.  The one I posted 3 or 4 posts back, was the 40 foot plus faces in Mullaghmore Head, Ireland in 40 ° water , Ouch!, that Danilo Couto and a few others did a great tow-in session, and a few nominations for the Ride of The Year Entry for Billabong XXL 2013.  The video below, is some epic Mexican Pipeline Escondido, with Kohl, Greg Long and some massive 30 to 40 foot plus face waves and all paddle in, NO TOW!  Escondido, is one of the least User-Friendly beach breaks for big waves, but , they all managed to make the session look totally worthwhile and surviveable 🙂

Today, Thursday morning, It was solid rib to chest high, glassy, lefts were quite hollow, though when I paddled out today around 7:40 AM, it was 45 minutes before high tide, so it was a little tough to grab a wave, but when 30 minutes passed, that’s when the left’s did their thing, and the rights had just perfect , long workable walls.  Many 100 plus yard rides to be had.  That’s what always put’s a smile on my face.  Of course , only 3 other people out, well that also keeps one in high spirits.  One after another, even a little cover from a couple vertical left, rail grabber drop-ins 🙂

We should have waves all week, in the rib to head high range, the bigger stuff coming closer to tuesday.  Offshore winds, well can’t tell yet, but when we see the “Window”, we will pass it on to ya.

Have a great Thursday, and I hope you enjoy the Video 🙂


Big Swell video from Pascuales, Mexico, plus Tuesday afternoon surf report update 3:30 PM August 14 2012, Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (August 11, 2012 posted)

Surf coming, I believe, a nice possible bump for Wednesday morning…more in a sec

CHECK THIS AWESOME VIDEO THAT JUST PUMPED IN PASCUALES, MEXICO , RIGHT AFTER THE MASSIVE ESCONDIDO SWELL! You know my addiction with big wave (though this is only 10 to 15 foot, but, it’s still pumping)  If you’re impatient, move the scrub bar up to 1 min 12 seconds to get to the surf 🙂

Wednesday morning should have a thigh to waist high bump, at about a ground swell, with offshore winds in the morning, starting at SW after midnight and turning to WSW by around Noon.  About 9 AM is mid-tide , with high going low, which is our best scenario, high going low.

If I’m wrong, then post a comment, and I will accept my egg 🙂


Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Nominees 2012 Video plus Lazy Update Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 PM with 48th Annual Easter Surf Festival , Huge Paddle in session at Jaws Video with 50 foot plus faces with Jeff Rowley, Wednesday afternoon April 4rth Surf Report/Update 3:30 PM , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (April 04, 2012 posted)

Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Nominees 2012 Video plus Lazy Update Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 PM  , Thursday may have some leftovers, but the offshore winds are blowing west out at the 120, so I wouldn’t count on much Thursday morning.  It shows a 1.5 foot ground swell which I have seen a swell that size produce chest high at Perkins, but in this case, I go with knee to waist high, North going South.  Saturday some time the big wind swell starts pushing in, bring big chop waves for the Easter Surf Fest, yeawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday big overhead chop, Waves should be here thru Monday still overhead with reduced onshore winds for Monday, and maybe some Tuesday rib high glass.

Be sure to check out the 48th Annual Easter Surf Fest at Shepard Park and the Ccocoa Beach Pier.

Everything below is from Surf Report that I did on Tuesday April 3rd.

Upcoming Surf for maybe Wednesday waist high somewhere and overhead windswell for Sunday , Monday ………….in a moment 🙂


This is spectacular video footage of Jaws, from one of the two big paddle in sessions, this one on January 4, 2012, this year.  Wave size was 45 to 60 foot faces, approx.  The music, the insane rides and drops, totally awesome,  especially from Jeff Rowley, the newcomer to Peahi, who is from Australia.  Jeff is nominated for the Billabong XXL Ride of the Year award.

Surf Update;  Tuesday night a maybe ground swell rolls in, and for Wednesday morning, possibly thigh to rib high waves and brisk offshore winds. 

Thursday morning leftovers probably, and then flat till Sunday for the most part.

Sunday could be some overhead chop down south and maybe some chest high stuff at the Cape.  The swell angle is NE,  so we will get some blockage, how much, can’t say 🙂  We should have more big chop with winds backing off on Monday to under 15 mph possibly, but we’ll know more definite on Saturday night.


Todos Santos January 5th, 2012: Big Wave Surfing, posted Wednesday night January 11, 2012

Created by


This was so awesome to watch, this big swell that hammered the entire Pacific Coast it seems.  Y’all know my obsession with big wave video.  Yeah, the camera shakes a fair amount (the guy apologizes on his YouTube page because the boat was shaking so much), but just grab the rush of the drop in for these guys.  And drool, except for the fact that cold water does , well, it stinks.   Funny thing is,  a few hundred miles further South, below the Ecuador line,  like Acapulco, the water is warm pretty much year round, like no wetsuit in November.

A glimpse of Todos Santos , Mexico's coastline map, and the long road the surfers had to get there.
A glimpse of Todos Santos , Mexico's coastline map, and the long road the surfers had to get there.

Here is a little map I found on a blog that discusses Experiencing Baja , Mexico.  It’s kind of cool to take a minute out of our normal obsessive pace, and read about other people that have a simpler life.   I got side-tracked when looking for a map to show you where these guys drove all nite to get this incredible surf session.   This blog which has nothing to do with the surfers in this video, is great for looking into the lives of the people who live along the rode to Todos Santos.  If you have ever surfed along this part of the Mexico border (as opposed to the Gulf of Mexico side, like Cancun) or even further below (like 250 miles further South even), along the non-Baja Southern border such as   Acapulco,  Escondido, Mexico Pipeline,  it is a pretty sparse area, and back in the late 70’s and mid-80’s when I surfed there,  we American’s weren’t received as gracefully as we might be now;  I should also say, not received by the bandito population, cause the Mexican folks are wonderful people to the core 🙂

Incoming Surf; Not much to pass on with incoming swells.  We’ll look at it to see if this less than 5 foot wind swell coming Monday does anything for us.


40 to 50 foot plus Puerto Escondido Mexico from June 2011, Monday night 9:00 PM Surf Report, Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Monday October 17, 2011)

Screenshot of 10 foot surfboards on the wave face in Puerto Escondido Mexico in June 2011, compliments of Magicseaweed.com
Screenshot of 10 foot surfboards on the wave face in Puerto Escondido Mexico in June 2011, compliments of Magicseaweed.com

The surfboards in this photo are 9.5 to 10 foot plus surfboards, so it gives you an idea of stacking 4 to 5 board lengths to reach the height of the wave.  One guy, Lander, broke his leg in 4 places.  If you haven’t seen this video, check it out here and make sure and watch it full screen with your sound on 😉 I posted this video back in July I think, but while I was working, and having no surf to distract me,  I had to do my usual escape into big wave videos.  As far as waves for Brevard…….

No real visible swells on the horizon, except if you live on the Gulf. We have some real low period 2 to 3 foot wind swell that may have something rideable Tuesday and Wednesday,  There is a slight chance of waist high waves with 15 plus mph offshore winds for a few hours Wednesday morning, however, since the offshores start before daylight, the light windswell may be blown flat before you can surf them, but don’t expect any power, and not much after 9 AM.

I had to put this screenshot of possibly the biggest swell in years at Puerto Escondido Mexico back in June.  Many of the big wave guns were there;  Shawn Dollar (biggest paddle in winner Billabong XXL 2010 ?), Greg Long (beat Kelly Slater in the last minute of “The Eddie” in 2009), Jamie Sterling, Maya Gabeira (womans winner overall Billabong XXL), and many more.

Shawn Dollar who has paddled into 52 foot faces at Mavericks, said that this Escondido swell was the worst beating and most intimidating surf session he has had.  That had to paddle thru all the beach break to get out, and the size was in the 40 to 50 foot plus range.

That’s about all for now.

I’ll be posting some more local pics in the next few days.


July 4rth weekend, slightly possible waves ;) Huge Mexico Escondido 30 to 50 ft. face Waves and Surf report Wednesday night and surf forecast (9:00 Pm) for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted 06/29/11)

On Location Puerto Escondido#2 from IronFistMedia on Vimeo.

My lust for huge wave videos continues, (Click the 4 little arrows just right of the HD letters on the video to see this full screen, its awesome) but first, our local update……We still have a small swell approaching what seems to be Thursday night after midnight, on our beaches Friday morning.  Now, will the offshore winds Thursday and Thursday night keep the small swell from hitting the actual beaches,  that is the question.
Thursday morning, there may be some fun knee high waves at the Cape here.  High tide at 7:20 am approx., so anytime after that if you have a long board.
Friday morning, we could have some thigh high waves here, if………..the offshore winds don’t keep it offshore.   The reason why I believe we could get something, is the moving swell period chart comes sweeping in a few hours before daybreak with a 9 second period and a fetch that looks to be 500 miles or so.
Best scenario, thigh high and glassy.  Worst, glassy shorebreak and a nice day to surf fish 🙂
Saturday the period drops one notch, but also a chance of something rideable then.
I’m trying to be optimistic and realistic.   50/50 chance for Friday morning fun waves.
The video, is a huge swell that hit Puerto Escondido Mexico with some 30 to 50 foot faces, and a crowd of the big waves surfers there.
Happy July 4rth weekend!