Tuesday update for :) Monday night Surf Report update 8:30 PM (11/32), big Wind Swell continues thru Tuesday w/ almost an incoming groundswell but now not quite on Tuesday, offshore for Wednesday, Surf Report for Cape Canaveral n Cocoa Beach (posted Monday November 21, 2011)

Based on what I have seen so far at the 120 buoy, I have a little change below…

Tuesday,  hopefully by Tuesday late afternoon or early evening that is because of an additional incoming swell push  maybe thigh to waist high on the set waves, and chest to head high down South. Winds, 5 to 10 mph SSE to SE winds.

Wednesday, waist high at the Cape and chest to head high down South.  Winds are looking to be SW in the 8 to 14 mph range.  Get excited.

Thursday may have some leftovers, but mostly rideable down South.

Friday morning, another NE swell rolls in with high onshore winds all day Friday and Saturday.

Saturday the size may start to hit the Cape once the swell gets some time to clear the Cape’s blocked out point.


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