Video footage from BIG Wednesday February 22nd in Satellite Beach, posted Thursday night March 1st Surf Report/Update 11PM , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 1 2012 posted)

Last Wednesday (Feb. 22nd) , a week ago on that semi-glassy day we had at the Cape, Chad did his 2nd surf session for the day down at Hangers with myself.  We had some awesome clean and glassy lines coming in, with an occasional overhead set coming thru.  As I mentioned from that day, if you were patient, there were a number of 100 plus yard rides, mostly lefts, but Chad set the record for the day with a 150 plus yard ride.  (it was a 150 yard paddle out, and he rode it to shore)

The photos or some of the photos I took that day after we got out of the water are on a Post I did here.  But………

it is amazing, the difference, if I had thought to check my other favorite break, Hightowers/RC’s, then we would have seen these waves on this amazing video of the footage that day, along with some footage of the Inlet , but mostly Satellite Beach.  Check it Out!  from the folks at

We do have a massive swell arriving probably Tuesday, so we’ll keep ya posted when that gets closer.  We may have a little bump for Saturday coming in, but I’m not gonna hold my breath, just like the way today wasn’t very likely for a great swell.

Whatever, we’ve had 2 1/2 years of consistent , awesome waves for Florida.

Hope ya enjoy the video.


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