Wednesday afternoon March 28th Surf Report/Update 2:30 PM , Surf Forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (March 28 2012 posted)

REVISED………………………………Thursday Surf!

Knee to thigh  high at the Cape ,  Waist to Rib  high in Satellite Beach.   Winds are still showing offshore, around 5 mph SW for CCB at daybreak.  They do turn onshore by noon + or -,  and low tide is around 7:10 AM.  Also, this swell will be gone by afternoon, so hit it at dawn patrol or early anyhow.

Nothing else in view down the pipe, so get Wednesday (TODAY!)  while it’s biggest,  we did get blocked out here at the Cape by the angle of the swell , but it still looks like it should roll in some more for us by tonight.  Why?  Because it is still showing 6 feet at 11 seconds at the 120 buoy as of 1:30 PM, , which means big waves (okay, fairly big for us )  !

Have Fun!


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