Kam Video, a new Team Rider for Johnson Avenue Surfers :) , Knee high surf probably for the next 5 days , Monday morning July 22 11:59 AM Surf Update , Surf Report ,Surf forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach (July 22, 2013 posted)

Kam, riding her first at Johnson Avenue, Video by DonKam, an 8 year old, Don’s grandaughter, just learned to Surf today (which was Saturday, 7/20), for the first time.  I would say, she has not only great potential, but perhaps, she puts a few in the neighborhood to shame 🙂     She has the right Stoke and Attitude!  Note: YouTube, allowed me to flip the video that was upsidedown (you know how cell phones are),  now hopefully, their processing team will make this happen, they said after I flipped it, just to sit tight, and come back 🙂

Click on the photo or here (YouTube tried to flip it for the embed version but didn’t, so, thanks for living with a link to it 🙂

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