Heidi’s Jazz Club, and my buddy Les playing Saxophone Friday nights, “In the Mood” song by Glenn Miller and Surf Report Update n Forecast for the Cape and Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach, …posted August 25, 2013

If you ain’t 50 or older, then you may ask, what the _ _ _ _?  Why is this guy posting a Glenn Miller song, “In the Mood” on Johnson Avenue Surfers?  We do have waves coming for Monday! See below…

My buddy here in Cape Canaveral, plays the Saxophone, and nails this classic Big Band Jazz song by Glenn Miller.  (Jimmy Stewart played the movie, which was black and white, haha).

My buddy Les is about 80 years old, and you’d never know it;  hope you enjoy it below:  (ps – I also added the original Glenn Miller band video below my buddy Les so you could compare)

He also gave me a 40 year old “Infinity” surfboard from Ocean Beach Surf Shop, where I took a surf trip back in 1979 🙂

And here is Glenn Miller, it’s a low rez video, so that’s why it’s smaller:

UPDATE: The Surf Report Below was done 2 hours ago, when the swell model was “bigger”.  Now it looks like maybe Monday afternoon it will wait to hit even CCB , and waist high is now the size call, sorry, models change every 6 hours, and the report below was from an earlier model, at the tail end of it, if u will 🙂  (This update was done at 7:38 PM EST Sunday night)

We have a very steep angle swell, a Northeast swell, that will be blocked out by the Cape, but should hit Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach well, and by late Monday, it may trickle in to us finally.  Should be a wind swell, no ground swell, but will give us some waist high waves here by Monday night, and should give us some chest high waves Monday late morning in Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach, with NE winds in the 8 to 10 mph range in the morning, so it could be fun.

Tuesday should be more of the same.  Have Fun!

posted by Oldwaverider

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