Sunday night report at 6:50 PM says Monday is looking glassy and chest high at daybreak down south in Satellite and rib to maybe chest high waves at the Pier ! forecast for Cape Canaveral , Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach , November 17, 2013 posted

Monday should be chest high and glassy down south in Satellite Beach, and waist to some chest at the Pier.  SW winds at daybreak, perhaps offshore till noon.  THE POINT TO NOTE: The swell period of this same swell we have had, is coming in stronger over night, which is why the power should be better, a little more lines, and more consistent than today or the day before, along with the offshore winds helping it to be much better 🙂

Should be lots of fun!

Tonight was chest high on the sets in Satellite Beach until 3 PM, choppy but fun.

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