Fun waves coming for Thursday morning 10/29 and Friday morning, and a chance of this afternoon. Posted Wednesday morning, 10/28/2015 at 10:20 AM

We have almost a ground swell rolling in today.  As the swell period approaches 9 and 10 seconds, we should start to see longer lines.

It may be disorganized this afternoon, even if the winds turn offshore after 3 pm, because there is a 2nd , and 3rd swell pushing from the south that is fighting against the ENE wind/groundswell rolling in.

Thursday morning at daybreak, should be waist high plus, with some solid chest high sets in Satellite Beach and glassy!.  Winds look to be offshore, from the West until late morning at least.

Friday morning could be 6 inches bigger and glassy.

If you’re lucky, this afternoon could be fun when it starts to turn offshore.  And Even now, with the winds straight South, well that is 32 degrees offshore at Playlinda, and 26 degrees offshore at Sebastian Inlet.  But only 10 degrees offshore in Satellite Beach, so with 15 mph South winds, Satellite will still be bumpy.

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